Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday January 16, 2010A Sunday Scribbling/River of Stones/ Carry on Tuesday / I Saw Sunday/The Poetry Bus

Sunday Scribbling prompt: #250 Invisible

Looking at the Overlooked
We see,
There is much we see,
And yet... the world is
Made up of so much more,
We have no idea what it looks like,
But it is there for us to behold.

My profession is visual artist,
It is my job to see,
To make visible what is not seen
What is over looked.

Sometimes it is "feelings" that must
Be articulated in paint,
It may be "thoughts,"
Without form,
There is no one I can turn to,
No one I can trust.
All decisions are my own,
It is my job alone.

A Small Stone #16
Soon after waking
All is quiet in the studio
I sip my coffee,
Thoughts enter on tiptoe,
And I think of you.


I Saw Sunday
The sun rise and sun set, seven times
Soft furry kitten, Beau
My friend Kathleen and my friend Susan

Pucha Kucha(Agnes Chavez: "STEMARTS: (x)tree project", Paul O'Connor: "Taos Characters",
Nettayah Ben-Attar: "From Performance to Parchment" Siena Sanderson, Mandy Stapleford, Katie Woodall, and Clair Cote: "Seed 3", Sam Lamble: "Plan B" Carrie Field, Mike Maltxd and Daryl Balc, "Taos Tango" Marcy Andrew, "Birthing the Midwife" Suki and Genevieve: "Shree Yoga Taos"
Christian Ristow: "Towards Intractivity; From Machine to People Machine" David Costanza: "Documenting the Song Writing Process" Christina Sporrong: "Large Scale Interactive Sculpture"

I hope you can find a Pucha Kucha near you. It was really great! There were eleven different presenters, 20 slides for 20 seconds. That equals 5 minutes for each presenter to talk about their ideas and their projects.

A dear friend came up from Santa Fe, and we shared a cup of coffee, in a small coffee shop in Taos. It is in a very old adobe building in town.

We have been watching "Lark Rise to Candleford," a really wonderful series. "The harder people try to hide the truth, the more painful the discovery," hamlets, villages, and small town.

I see the work I am doing. I am a hermit and I work everyday. I can see out the windows of my studio, so I see the sky and mountains in the East = sun rises, and I see the sky to the West = sun sets.

And so to this weeks task. Write a poem. Don't think, just feel. Sit yourself down,stay quiet, find silence, concentrate on your breathing, feel your chest rise and fall, your heart beating, blood pumping.You are alive, so alive.Breathe in and breathe out,count those breaths, slowly look into your heart, your soul, how are you? Who are you? Are you happy/sad/ lost/ found/ confused/ certain.Are you where you hoped to be, do you know yourself? Are you who you were? Who might you yet be. Where might you be? Forget what your brain tells you that you know,and forget what your brain tells you to think, listen to your breath,tell me how you feel and why you feel it. How many breaths have you taken in this life? Think of them, focus on them. How many breaths are still to be taken? Disengage the brain and write from the heart.Close your eyes examine your breath, examine your life and feel!

I Am Complete
I continue to Breath,
In and out,
I feel completely without weight,
I seem to float.

It is quiet, no sound at all,
I can't even hear my own heart beat,
But I assume it continues to beat.
I imagine the image,
On the glowing screen,
During my last stress test,
The tiny creature,
That continues its jerky motions,
Continues to be my heart beat.

I ask myself,
Am I where I wanted to be
I am in a place
That is beyond what
I ever dreamed for myself.

Taos Valley is ringed
By sheltering mountains,
And enormous skies,
Painted by the Creator's hand,
Amazing, rich with history,
A more beautiful spot
On earth I do not know.

How does incredible
Beauty affect one's life
I wondered...
Would my eyes grow used to what I see
Would it become common place to me

To tell the truth,
I am thrilled each day
I think my happiness level is higher,
And I desire nothing more,
I am complete.

Image found on the internet. (This isn't an image of my family, but could be.)

Carry on Tuesday #88 "And that is how I remember them..."

Full of life,
Happy faces
Reaching out,
Holding tight,
Full of their own life,
Ideas and projects
And wanted to know
All about yours'
They never recognized fault
This was my family
And I miss each one
It was because of who they were
That I am who I am


Helen said...

Lovely, lovely - every word, thought, emotion.

Brian Miller said...

nice...the first and the third are my favs...thoughts on tiptoe...

Niamh B said...

Wow, you're busy! Came for the poetry bus ticket, sounds like you're in a great place, contentment wise. Good for you!

Dianne said...

You live in such a beautiful place... and I can feel it through your writing... All of it... lovely...

Rachel Fox said...

Great to read to that yours is such a lovely place to be... especially as it's on our list for a US trip this year!

Mary said...

Your words are very worthy. You have so many poems here. Where do I start? My feeling is feelings can be articulated in painting as well as in poetry. You are fortunate in that you have a gift with both.Your poems here present you as a very contented person. I was looking for your 'courage' poem through Writers' Island, but didn't find that; but never mind that. And I thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting.

layers said...

my goodness, you have some wonderful poems here- incredible words- but my favorite one is about artists- what the artist sees and feels- beautiful

flaubert said...

Annell, love the invisible poem.
Very true words.

120 Socks said...

All decisions are my own, it is my job alone. Great last line,says so much.

Karen said...

Who could say more or have it better?

"To tell the truth,
I am thrilled each day
I think my happiness level is higher,
And I desire nothing more,
I am complete."

Susannah said...

What a feasT of words, images and emotions here, I loved them all. So wonderful Annell, thanks for sharing them.

Thanks also for leaving your link at I Saw Sunday.

Susannah x

Jinksy said...

"To make visible what is not seen"

Artists and poets strive for the same thing..

Deborah said...

Such wonderful images and words, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through them.

Totalfeckineejit said...

In colours and in wiords you paint wonderful pictures of contentment and joy at being in your moment.thanks for getting aboard the bus!