Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday January 2, 2010 Sunday Scribblings

Prompt#248; Progress

What is progress, after all?
Progress in my own life?
It can not be that
I am now a year older.
For just growing older,
Can be no claim to fame.
As all things living,
Will grow older
With each tick of the clock,
Each rise and set of the faithful sun.

No, it must be something else.
It cannot be just the
Acquisition of more information,
As my eyes and my ears,
Collect vast amounts of data constantly.
It is what I do with it.

It has been in the time of my life,
A lie was told,
About what progress was,
It was told, that it was "more."
More of everything,
To consume more,
To destroy more,
To produce more,
So if it is not more,
It must be less,

Get back to the basics,
Consider others in kindness,
Let it be no more than is needed,
Allow me to walk softly upon the earth,
Make room for those like myself
And those that are different.
Those that walk and those that fly.


Anonymous said...

Annell, you have hit several crucial nails full on the heads with this one. I specially love the last stanza.

Elizabeth said...

And so do I, that to me is progress,


Marilyn said...

Your words are wonderful, I love the idea of less. Appreciate the small things, quiet moments and the people who cross our paths no matter who they are.
Leave only footprints, take only photos - or memories.
Your photo is gorgeous.

LauraX said...

Annell, I am so grateful that you stopped by my blog (blogs) I am enjoying yours as well. I look forward to stopping by again:)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So beautifully said! To walk softly on the earth. I love the photo of the tree!

Jingle said...

love to see your infinite creative juice.

beautiful poetry.
happy 2011.