Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday January 23, 2011 Sunday Scribblings/ A River of Stones/Carry on Tuesday

Images from Stardreamingwith Sherry Bluesky: A Poet on Poetry.

Sunday Scribblings #251 Eternity

One of the biggest words
In the English language
It is something
We will never see
And yet...we will be

Could it be that
All eternity
is complete
In this moment

We are here
We are now
This is all there is
A little piece of

I hold it in my hand
Turn it to the light
For all to see
It is yours'
It is mine
This little piece of

I offer it to you
The two pieces join
A little more complete
A little larger piece of

For Sherry and her beloved companion, Pup.


A River of Stones

One Small Stone #23
Sunday isn't the same
When a woman loses her shadow
Lonely and alone
She navigates sorrow

For Sherry and Pup.

Carry on Tuesday Prompt: Are we there yet?

The sun is shinning and
The world is different
Far away
Nothing is the same.

I call to you
I hear no answer
Nothing is the same

Only time will heal your leaving
The world is different
I do not know my way
Nothing is the same

The sun rose in you
Now it rises alone
The nights are lonely too
I howl to the moon
Nothing is the same.

The minutes drag
I call out,
Are we there yet?

I had no idea
How hard
Or how long
the trip would be
Without you

For Sherry and Pup.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh Annell, all of this just makes me cry - so beautiful, and so true. I especially love the stone, which says it all. And the Traveling Alone poem is so wonderful. Thank you so much for what you have done here. I love seeing my boy's face looking out from your site. And for all of your support and kindness through this transition. The beach above is the one we walked on a thousand times. He had such a huge spirit, so I know one day we'll walk together again. Thank you, Annell. So much.

Gloria said...

This is beautifully excellent poem for the prompt. Amazing, melancholy gem! I just discovered Carry on Tuesday and wrote something for #88 but haven't tried this one yet.

Elizabeth said...

Annell, so much you give to your friends. This is beautiful and extraordinary. What a wealth of tenderness your words hold. What a beautiful heart you are binding together. Thank you,


Dave King said...

Probably the greatest of the imponderables, but you made us ponder it and made the efoort seem worthwhile. Well done.

keiths ramblings said...

This is so good. It's touching and thought provoking. When I come up with my Carry On Tuesday prompts I never know where those few words will take the writers who take part. This week you've excelled! Thank you.

SandyCarlson said...

No shadow--a powerful image. Eternity....these days I think it is a complete heart rather than a time.

Brian Miller said...

great snaps...i really enjoyed the first was almost a meditation to me...peaceful and serene

Nanka said...

Deeply melancholic and seems all broken on the inside. A recovery seems to be the only way out.

Very touching and sad emotions are expressed well here to make the poem a great read.

Jingle Poetry said...

well penned.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Annell, I had to come back to read this again - and cry - this morning. What perfect words "a woman who has lost her shadow" - for that he was. He was such a large and noisy presence. He leaves a vast silence behind. But I am beginning to get my feet under me. Thanks to you and Elizabeth! I so miss my boy.