Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday January 30, 2011 Carry on Tuesday/ A River of Stones/I Saw Sunday/Sunday Scribblings

Carry on Tuesday #90 Prompt: Use any or all of this Longsfellow poem.

Between the dark and the daylight
When the light is beginning to lower
Comes a pause in the day's occupation
That is known as the Children's Hour

I have chosen to work with the first line.

The sliver between
Dark and daylight
Belongs to me
It is the time of day
When this day is first revealed.

Sometimes a pure fresh green,
The green you find when
You look under or within,
Sometimes pink, lavender and blue
Sometimes yellow and blood red

It is a moment of expectation
Breathless, quiet and still
Before the explosion
Of the sun
Coming into full view,
Lighting all the earth,
Reassuring all is still here
The same as you

A Small Stone #30

I can hold you in my hand
A dust catcher no doubt
Sit on the shelf
You conceal
Waiting to reveal
All the words
And pictures within
One page after another
Ready to fill
The quiet hours

Image from the internet.

Sunday Scribblings #252

What is safe
Is it a small strong box
Under the bed
Warm when it is cold
Eat when hungry

Your feet firmly
On the ground without fear
It will give way
Turn your back
Without fear of attack

Good weather or foul
There are those
You can count on
To be safe is
To live without fear
Even from self

Check out weekend window. Great images of Taos, NM.


Jingle said...

What is safe
Is it a small strong box
Under the bed
Warm when it is cold
Eat when hungry..

love the strong imagery your words paint, well done.

jaerose said...

'Safe is living without fear from self' - thank you for that line..this collection of poems had a very solid feeling for me..reassuring stones..boxes..colours..contentment always give us such a variety of thoughts and feelings (ps was thinking of you the other day as wrote a poem for my writing group that played with the 'red shoes' idea and being are things going? Did your museum curator visit?) Jae

noexcuses said...

Few words, but oh, so many meanings for us. Thank you. I loved this!

Susannah said...

I really enjoyed your words today Annell.
I especially loved the imagery of...
"It is a moment of expectation
Breathless, quiet and still
Before the explosion
Of the sun"


Sherry Blue Sky said...

A lot of meaty reflection in these words, Annell. I love your poem about dawn, and the image is spectacular. Is that a Taos dawn? Wow. Loved your small stone, too and the poem on what feels safe. You imparted a lot of wisdom this morning.Hope you reward yourself with a nice cup of mocha or something:)

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

You know I'm a sucker for small stones. Nice pieces, Annell!

Kim Nelson said...

Your first piece, built upon the Longfellow line, is touching, wonderful.

flaubert said...

Annell, excellent advice with the safe poem.
Your "stones" are lovely.

Brian Miller said...

finding that safe place can be a hard thing at times...really love the beauty in the first pic...and love that moment between light & dark

lightverse said...

I loved your take on what is 'safe.' I also really enjoyed your stone, too.

Elizabeth said...

Love all of it, it feels like peeling away layers, each one giving away slowly to the next and the next. Love the photos especially the one of dawn. Spectacular. Watched the video, you live in a beautiful place and yes, I can see why it would feel 'safe.'


Bernadine said...

A beautiful sunrise picture, and a beautiful poem with it that I can completely relate to. It is also my favorite time of the day - something so special about the time, the events.

And safe, so many different meanings, one wonderful feeling. You described each one beautiful.

I also have to say, it is very nice to come across somebody who I can consider a neighbor, as it does not often happen. I am also in NM, and I too love the beautiful mountains and all that nature offers.

Mary said...

Sometimes being safe from self is the most challenging of all!
I really like all three of your poems. Thanks.

Tracey said...

your blog is as beautiful as your words.

layers said...

I am amazed and impressed-- you can write a whole poem based on one line--- and all your other poems are wonderful too.

Whitesnake said...

Lost for words............fantastic read!