Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday January 18, 2011 Magpie #49/ A River of Stones/Big Tent Poetry

Magpie #49

Sisters in the Snow
This picture of the sisters,
In snow...
But you know,
That never really happened.
It never snowed,
Not while I was growing up.

Although I was told as a child,
About the time, long ago,
When Galveston Bay froze over,
And a bear was seen
Walking across the frozen snow.

I suppose there could come a freeze,
And over time a thaw.
Not your everyday,
Ordinary occurrence, no...
But something unexpected,
Snow in the South,
Three sisters in a row.


Small Stone #18

Beau, my soft kitten,
Came to join me on the bed.
I never know the time
I wake up, I get up,
Sometimes I am surprised
At how early it is.

It is still dark
The computer screen
Glows before me.
I had been awakened by
A disturbing dream,
So further sleep was
Out of the question.

You are thin,
Coat tattered and old,
You eat something
From the top of the sage,
Probably something you
Shouldn't eat.
The lone coyote
Suffers want
Life is hard
These are
Final days

Perhaps this is three small stones.

Prompt: Food

To the grocery I go
Park on paved parking lot,
Get my re-useable bags
Select a cart
Push into the store,
Immediately hit by hot air,
Always, makes me grateful
To be there
Coming in from the cold.

Push to the produce,
Tomatoes, broccoli,
Purple and green,
Romaine, red-tipped
Apples, oranges,
One pack of strawberries,
Loose carrots,
Local grown,
Squash, onions,
Garlic and bananas

Dried things in bulk,
Nuts, oatmeal,
Beans and rice
Almond and peanut butter,
Packaged flour, and mixes
Juices and baby food,
Vitamins and bath oil
Lotions and stuff
Tea, coffee, and water
Chips and snacks
Ethnic foods,
Cookies, and crackers
Canned food and soups
Household items,
And paper products
Diary and bread
Meat and fish
Frozen foods
And that's about it
For my hunting
And gathering.

My bags are full.
This time is a
"Small shop"
I am grateful it
Is so easy.
I drop my tokens
In the blue
Ferrel Felines can
Return to my car
Return home
Almost painless

The market is small
It is easy to hunt and
Gather all that I need
Again I am grateful
My cupboard will be full.


Jingle Poetry said...


Sherry Blue Sky said...

A wonderfully rich read. I ache for the poor old coyote. Final days. Life is hard. Thanks, Annell - such a wonderful read. I enjoyed shopping with you too:)

Brian Miller said...

mmm...i really like the coyote at the end of the first...i was right there in my early morning when you shifted to it and i understood...

Elizabeth said...

The lone coyote leaves a deep echo.


Marilyn said...

Wonderful poems all of them but the coyote poem really touched my heart. Life must be hard for them.

Friko said...

A veritable feast of poetry!
This is my first visit here and I am overwhelmed by your generous offerings.

Suz said...

just wonderful poems
especially the coyote one

Helen said...

Sisters in the snow ... I am the oldest of three girls .. your Magpie reminded me of all the fun we had playing in the snow as children.

SandyCarlson said...

The first poem...What we see, what we remember, what we want. All so individual. Those sisters and the idea of sisters together is so strange to me, my heart aches.

Thanks, beautiful friend, for inviting me to see and feel so much through your work.

signed...bkm said...

three for three, Annell you are busy lady...I am one of three sisters....raised in the snow...would like to say I liked it but that would be a lie....so I live in CA....bkm

Reflections said...

Three well done! The lone wolf echoes his speech long into the night, especially this darkest of night. Wonderful poems.

LauraX said...

so beautiful Annell...each stone...the observations of what is memory (yours or someone elses) and the reality of your own experience.

Jinksy said...

But something unexpected,
Snow in the South

This certainly happened in the UK this year!

uma.a said...

Lovely poems both for magpie and big tent poetry

kathew said...

your poem about the coyote is beautiful. I love coyotes and always am thrilled to see them in the fields and sometimes on our street.
(Our kitty is an indoor kitty.)

Mary said...

Looking at Three Sisters in a Row...how fascinating to grow up in an area without snow. Can't imagine this, but as an adult if I were never to see snow again I wouldn't mind. Nice work all around!

Anonymous said...

A terrific list poem, idiosyncratic and charming.

flaubert said...

Lovely Annell and it is a good feeling when we fill our cupboards, isn't it?
btw love the stone!

Tumblewords: said...

Impressive pieces!

Deb said...

Full cupboards are blessing.