Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday January 4, 2010 Poetry Blog of the Week

I am totally shameless. I would like to share that Mary Kling selected and wrote about my blog as poetry blog of the week. I am still in shock and amazement. She likes my work! Thanks so much Mary. I hope you can drop by and see what she wrote.

Yesterday I worked in the studio all day. I cannot tell you what I did. I do remember, I worked at the computer, I wrote a bit and I worked on my SOUL book project. The outcome of the day's work was the decision that the direction I was going, just was not going to work --I couldn't make my ideas visible in the way that I wanted, and I had to make adjustments. Sometimes at the end of the day, the work accomplished cannot be seen.

I think of my studio and my work area as my home. It is where you will find me everyday. My worktable's flat surface is just right for my conception and execution, although sometimes I paint vertically at the easel, it depends on the medium I am using.

In this quiet room, that often gathers dust, but what would one expect, after all, it is the high desert of the southwest. And along with the beauty, one accepts a little dust.

It is that worktable that I wanted to talk about. I decided to take a picture this morning. You can see the sun isn't up yet, and I decided, no matter in what state of disorganization the work table was in, I would take the picture as it was. I was surprised to find it was as well organized as it was. Then I remembered at the end of the day yesterday, I was thinking about creating a painting in the Desert Poems series. So I had selected a piece of oriental paper, carefully handmade by Mr. Hosino, of Kiryu, Japan. I had torn the paper to the size that I wanted. And I was prepared to begin the work.

My worktable is my small stone, and it is where I spend most of my life, polishing my stone.

Old worn,
Once an oak tree
Four sturdy legs
The foundation
for my work


Elizabeth said...

Annell, I like this picture and what you have to say about your space and how it reflects you. I don't think this is a small stone, makes me think of an entire mountain landscape with a river running enthusiastically through it.


signed...bkm said...

Thank you Annell for sharing your small stone, and congrat's on your blog being the blog of the week at Poet's United. You blog for me is always a trip to the Southwest which is so full of its own beauty....bkm

Myrna R. said...

Nice, that you took a picture of your work table, your stone. I can just imagine it glimmering more and more, as you continue to polish it.

Helen said...

Good morning! Your work deserves to be recognized!

I can relate to your dust. We have massive amounts of lava rock / dust here on Oregon's high desert.

Dianne said...

Your poetry is beautiful... it's no wonder it was featured. And your stone, like your work table, has strength within it... lovely, strong creativity...

Jingle said...

well deserved honor.