Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday January 12, 2010 Three Word Wednesday/ River of Stones

Blue violet, cool grays and you.
Cold air sneaks under my shirt,
As I gaze at the the mountains of Truches,
Early morning, south of Taos Valley.
From complete dark
Light sneaks into the studio.

Three Word Wednesday prompt; harmlesss, moist, yelp

Coyotes in the Moonlight
Coyotes yelp as they run through the sage,
One moon lit night as if in ceremony,
Four coyotes gathered in a circle,
Each facing the other,
Each howling in a sacred direction,
North, South, East and West.
I could see them in the moon light,
Just outside my bedroom window.

Were they asking me to come out to play,
Or did they gather to celebrate their own creation,
My eyes grew moist,
And tears rolled down my cheeks,
As I joined in their celebration,
To give thanks for all creation.
Yes, the good and the bad.

Unlike the coyote,
who only kills to survive.
If only we could express our bad,
In a harmless way.
But instead we are
Like the children's rhyme,
About the little girl,
With the curl in the
Middle of her forehead

When we are bad,
We are horrid!


neva gagliano said...

refreshing moments!

Marilyn said...

Excellent poems both of them. From the waking of the day to the coyotes celebrating creation. A agree that they only kill to survive...

Nunee said...

I love how you capture is such a gift! You carry life within your words...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh how you sang to my wilderness soul while I was reading. I could see the first light of dawn creeping over the mountain, and then the coyotes - four of them, singing to the Four Directions! Wowzers! What a gift to witness that. You must have wonderful energy to attract them close to your place.

Willow said...

Thank you for bringing me the desert and coyotes, your poem a painting.