Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday March 20, 2011 I Saw Sunday
I Saw Sunday Week #27

Hammered disk of
Polished gold
Rose above
Taos Mountain
Springtime super-moon
In nighttime indigo sky
Sad to see
Such tragedy
All the world
In hell's hand basket
From sea to shinning sea


  1. I followed a link from my magpie collection and I'm so happy I did that this morning. your blog is precisely what I was looking for, and I didn't even know it. can I come visit you in NM and stay awhile???? :) I hope you have a really grand Sunday.

  2. I know Annell. The moon was beautiful comin up over my mountains too, but the world's events are so sad. Lovely poem.

  3. "Hammered disk of
    Polished gold"

    You described the moon so beautifully Annell, I tried to get a photo last night to capture its beauty but they didn't come out very well at all, your words said what the image I was trying to capture would have. :-)

    Thanks for linking to I Saw Sunday.

  4. I saw that moon last night and had similar was so beautiful and serene, everything down here in fear and discord. Good one, Annell.

  5. We had clouds last night ... synonymous with the world now.

  6. Thank you Annell, for capturing what many of us couldn't,


  7. The moon witnesses such sadness as it travels the global nights ...but it sees such wonders and beauty too.

  8. That moon was quite something. I can't bear to watch the News any more.