Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday March 27, 2011/Poetry Pantry/ I Saw Sunday/ Sunday Scribblings

I saw Sunday. This week I saw many pictures on the TV of the destruction in Japan.

End of Time
In time the great wave
Returns to sea

In time the destruction
Is known

In time the eye focuses
In disbelief

In time the numbers
Are counted

End time for many

In time the tears
Will dry

In time all who saw
Will die

In time it will
All be a memory

The end of time.

Sunday Scribblings #260 prompt Nearly

"Nearer my God
To thee..."
Fills my heart
And soul

Simple words
Speak to me
Of each day
We stretch
And we reach

For that perfection
That we know so well
The image fills our heart
We finger it
Like braille

We know it
We can stand in front
Of our class
And repeat it without stumble

We will never reach it
But if we work hard
And apply heart to wheel
We will reach "nearly"