Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday March 10, 2011 Thursday/A Small Stone/ Poets United

A Small Stone
Time flies
And we hang on for dear life
Speaking with tiny voice
Clear and strong
Words, drawn lines, paint
Reaching for each other
Poets United #39 Ghosts

The Grandmothers live with us
Sometimes they are very busy
Especially around the holiday season

Almost never come inside
Just a few times
They are beloved companions
We are very proud to have them here

Ancient, old
And very polite
Sometimes they will even lie
Down on my bed
They seem tired
And want to rest
We live in harmony


Sherry Blue Sky said...


signed...bkm said...

Great small stone on communication...drawing lines...connecting to ones inner self and to others...lovely...bkm

Helen said...

This sounds like a description of YOU!!!

Elizabeth said...

Ahh the grandmothers. They never stop teaching. Aren't we lucky?


flaubert said...

Love your ghost poem, Annell.