Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday March 30, 2011 The Red Shoe Project

Thank you so much Terresa for posting your incredible poem, Red Shoes.

POEM: Red Shoes
I was thirty-three,
I wasn't sure I could carry it off,
throated birds sprouting as feet,
a catastrophe.

They rushed over my toes,
I couldn't help it,
they spoke in slick tongues,
an August heat.

They unbuckled like the
back porch unlocking rain,
the color you hear in
veins, colliding.

I wear them now
every day,
they speak nothing of

-Terresa Wellborn
© 2011 by Terresa Wellborn. All rights reserved.

**This is part of The Red Shoe Book Project, an artist's vision conceived by Annell Livingston. She generously asked me to write a poem to include in her project, which is the poem above.

As Annell has explained, "I got the idea for The Red Shoe Book Project from the book, The Madwoman in the Attic. It has quiet a bit about the symbol of the red shoe and the creativity of women. As I began to discuss red shoes with women, I realized that so many do not know the meaning behind it seemed the perfect project.

I am very pleased because the writings I have received are all so different. Thus as I had hoped, it will be a jewel with many facets. There are two ideas behind artists books. One is that they be very inexpensive, and democratic, and the other is the idea to make it precious. And the Red Shoe Book Project will be both. "

**This is part of One Shot Wednesday, a weekly writing event, join us!

**Note: I've had computer trouble this week, hence the odd spacing in my poem. (I'll edit it when my computer issues have been resolved.)

Describe your favorite pair of shoes.
Mine: Red Mary Jane style heels, I'm wearing them now as I type...


Miss Becky said...

one of the first blogs I started following was this one -

you might find it interesting. I have 5 pair myself. what is it about red shoes? I feel so happy when they're on my feet. have a great day Annell.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow! I SO LOVE Terresa's poem! It sings! Amazing writing!