Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday March 9, 2011 A Small Stone/Carry On Tuesday

A Small Stone
Early morning all is dark
A soft knock at my door
A small furry friend enters
There is no other sound
Tiny colored lights
Glitter in the town
Like old friends in memory


Texas farm house from the internet.

And That is How I remember Them

The farm sat squarely
On the property owned
By my Aunt and Uncle
She a large woman
White hair twisted
Upon her head
Just a simple comb
To hold it there
She grasped life
And all the children
With her strong arms
And drew it to
Her ample bosom
Kind, patience
Content in her place
In the world.

He was a small man
Wiry and strong
Knew every animal
And what it would do
Before it knew itself
Like to have a Coke
Mixed with water
Half and half
Straight Coke was
Just too strong.

An American farm couple
Satisfied with all that
Life allowed
And that is how I remember them.


neva gagliano said...

sweet simile: tiny lights~memory of old friends.

LauraX said...

Both offerings are so beautiful Annell. Thank you.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"glitter in the town like old friends in memory". What a beautiful thought! I love the poem-snapshot of your aunt and uncle. The folk who feed the people of America. What a hard working but totally satisfactory life it must have been!

Mary said...

Both nice, but I especially like 'Small Stone'
It sounds wonderful when read aloud. Love that last line.

flaubert said...

I really like the carry on tuesday poem.
Very nicely done, Annell.


Elizabeth said...

I will have to come to Taos, just to see that Indigo blue sky you keep finding. Love the stone, its message that precedes the longer piece of how we remember things and why,


SandyCarlson said...

I love that tiny stone today. That is just gorgeous. Such a delicate and beautiful moment.