Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday March 8, 2011 NaPoWriMo Day #8

Image from the internet.
NaPoWri Day 8

Perfectly matched
Graceful as ballet dancers
Arial flight-patterns
Practiced precision

Extension protected
With silver armor
Against penetration
By flashing sword
Snow White's
Dark red blood
Drops upon the
Pure white snow

Joining together
Mending --
Repairing the
Worn-out but
Too soon to replace

Time is not counted
By the numbers on
The clock-face
Rather by the task at hand
At last the mirrored pair
Curl into the lap
Like contented kittens

The north wind
Howls against
My broken window
Seeks my company
Looks for the way in
Geese fly south
In patterns of
Practiced precision


Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is a fabulously rich poem, Annell....I love the pair falling into the lap "like contented kittens", the geese flying south in the same "practiced precision". The sound of the north wind howling, and the sewer snug indoors........wonderfully rich!

flaubert said...

So many excellent lines in this, Annell, I love
"The north wind
Howls against
My broken window
Seeks my company"


... Paige said...

beautiful, flying geese as quilt pattern, well done

Brian Miller said...

this is a great companion to yesterdays post...excellent descriptions and you had me at ballet shoes...

signed...bkm said...

Love how you threaded the mending into a quilt pattern in the end...a lovely and calming write...I love hand quilting and it is what I do with my hands when I do not write...which is most of the of late things have been a little unside down..but starting to straighten...I wanted to make my way here as I have time...because I appreciate all you kind words and thoughts...and can not say enough about what it has meant....I will hopefully get back to more return visits soon but right now I am thankful that the prognosis came back good and my husband is so relieved which was a large part of the stress....again thank you Annell...bkm