Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday April 25, 2011 NaPoWriMo Day #25
Prompt: Falling Poem

Failing Falling
It is that feeling of falling
Failing, falling, failing
I fail often
My goal
To fail without the
Feeling of falling


Nothing to catch the fall
No recovery
The bottom
The slow assent
Balance precariously
To fail again
To fall


To know the fall in the failure
Isn't real
Only a dream
I rise to fall again
To fail better
Without the fall


Land of Enchantment
Thoughts "recount"
My responses
Words "sprouting"
In the garden of my mind
Creates "message" of spring

Words into "phrases"
True explanation "inept"
In their place
Traces of "scars"
"Crude" images "forever"
Drawn upon the skin
After rain
Ideas ring like "silver" bells
Across the "perfumed" sage
All raises to a "crescendo"
Visions and emotions
Land of enchantment
Is not "flattery"

Magpie #63

Magpie #63 is a Mystery
I do not understand
What I see
Bright colors
Red and green
Radiating light

I am reminded
Of the movie
"What the Blank Do We Know?"
In the movie
A story was told
Of the first people
Came to the shore
Looked out to the sea
Saw ships on the horizon
Because they had
Never seen them
Before and did not know
Of them
Had no language
To speak of them
It was concluded
They did not see them

I'm not sure I have
Words to speak
Is it bright lights of a circus
Or lights on a Christmas tree
Even though the colors are bright
I think it is something
I do not see


NaPoWriMo Day #25

Identifying Who is Who
Yes, I was offended
That slimy son of
The Reverend Billy Graham
Was the first thing I saw
And heard this morning
Talking to Meka
Saying, "Because a person
Attended a Christian Church
That didn't make him a Christian,
Not a good Christian
Like himself who had
Dedicated his life to christ"

He said the President himself
Had told him he was a Christian
And he believed him, but......

The implication was that
The President of the United States
Wasn't a Christian that really
Measured up

When asked directly
Oh no, he said he
Would never judge a Christian
And yet...

That was exactly what was implied
As they showed the President
And his family attending Church
On Easter Sunday
I think there have been
Other Presidents who
Only attended church

I don't think I have ever
Heard a representative
Of the Church
Casting doubt on
The beliefs or the faith
Of another American President

Perhaps you do not think
It appropriate for me to say
But this lowly person
Was speaking publicly on TV
For all the world to see
What kind of organization
Is this
And who would want to
Be a part of that

Just something
I had to get off
My chest


Mary said...

Glad you got this off your chest. So much of what one sees on television seems to succeed in riling people up! I agree with you that someone should not judge another's faith practices!

Lisa said...

I love your posts. They are beautiful.

Added myself as a follower of your blog.


jaerose said...

I love the banner of words that heads this post Annell..clear and shiny as if grabbed from the sky whilst standing on the balcony of the orange house..then when you think about them they get jumbled up like broken glass in a kaleidoscope..traces..Jae

brenda w said...

These are all beautiful, Annell. I love the look of your blog, too. I've been putting together a wordle every Sunday, and just started a new wordle prompt blog. There is a new wordle there, but I love where you took this one! It is very well written, non of the words seem forced. bravo!

Go take a look at the prompt site. Follow it, and I'll include you in the blog whirl.
I'm happy that you are wordling!!

LKHarris-Kolp said...

All beautiful pieces, Annell! I especially like the first one.


Isabel Doyle said...

lovely poems - I too especially liked the falling/failing - well done

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Love the photo across the desert from your balcony, Annell. And thanks for sticking up for the President. He wears his integrity like other men wear coats and yet gets so much criticism.

Reflections said...

Beautiful pieces, strewn together like a chain of vibrant colors, a necklace maybe or a bracelet, circling, connecting... embracing the day.

Kristen Haskell said...

So many beautiful nuggets of thought... First, "What kind of organization is this and who would want to be a part of that." My exact sentiment where organized religion frequently let's us down by forgetting its spirituality and spending too much time in its humanity.
Second, Failing - I love it reminds me of the Bob Dylan quote on my blog.
Third, Land of Enchantment - that it truly is.
Forth, beloved magpie what a great prompt and a perfect poem for it!

Kim Nelson said...

Your piece about falling mirrors a recurring nightmare I experienced as a child.

SandyCarlson said...

A beautiful and rich and powerful post. I have known the sensation of falling. You say it so well. The attack on Mr. Obama's faith I had not heard before. It is sad that the son of a man who had ministered to so many presidents should use his name to deride our president. That's cheap and lousy. Sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because it's rotten in the first place.

Bee's Blog said...

"I think it is something I do not see" - how many of us have thought that? Lovely piece of writing as is the second.

I would have needed to get that off my chest too. You are absolutely right - I think this is the first time ever that a President's beliefs have been questioned. Seems to me that Graham Jnr needs to watch his step although sadly there will be an awful lot of people agree with him. I'm surprised Meka, a staunch Catholic allowed him to get away with it. Or did she?

Kathe W. said...

lovely kaleidescope poem....and the stuff one sees on TV is awful. Good thing to rant a bit about it!

Tumblewords: said...

There's so much we don't see. Lovely kaleidoscope piece. I agree with your second. I have a hard time with organized religion. Many of those people are far too judgemental and wrongly righteous.

Lena said...

Those were compelling posts, both a pleasure to read.