Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday April 30, 2011 NaPoWriMo Day #30

NaPoWriMo Day #30

I begin
I establish
Point of beginning
I do not visualize
The finished drawing
I worry
I think of what is ahead
How will I be able to do it
Unanswered questions
No answers really

I continue
I am interrupted
I return
To solve the problem
Of the present moment
There is only one
Solution found
Where my pencil point
Meets the surface
I begin again

The finished drawing
Is a visual collection
Of many solutions
Found one at a time
It is seen as a whole
The problems can no
Longer be seen separately
Nor remembered
Nothing to add
Nothing to take away


Ruth said...

How wonderful. The pencil drawing is so lovely. Then the lines, so like writing a poem, never knowing where it wants to go until it's done (and is it ever?).

To solve the problem
Of the present moment
There is only one
Solution found
Where my pencil point
Meets the surface . . .

And so it begins again, and again, and again, in infinite possibilities.

laughingwolf said...

that's the problem in both art and writing... you come to a point where you're stuck

dunno which prob is easier to find a solution for

sometimes 'sleeping on it' works... other times it has to be forced, simply by plugging away at it...

Jingle said...

beautiful expression on life and art.

bless your weekend.

signed...bkm said...

nothing to add, nothing to take away....a completed process of both mind and art...lovely...bkm

ds said...

So apt. Drawing, writing...any art. Begin, stall. Begin again. And again until there is "nothing to add/nothing to take away."
Happy weekend!

flaubert said...

Life and art combined, lovely, Annell. I am very happy to have met you, and look forward to continuing interactions.


Helen said...

Thirty days ~ the finish line! Quite impressive Ms. Annell. You crossed it in great style, breath intact, no sweating, no weak knees! Brava.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This applies to life as the point where our feet hit the floor and we begin again. Wonderful poem and philosophy, Annell, and your drawing is absolutely exquisite. I picture you, in your studio in the desert, absorbed in adding just the right lines........

Mary said...

Annell, you described the process of drawing so well. I like the philsophy..."nothing to add, nothing to take away." Continue to share your words.

Elizabeth said...

Love the drawing and the poem. Life is a nest of tangled lines, but there is always new life at the center. We made it through the month and that pencil hit paper hundreds, perhaps thousands of times. It is the process, and we love it, even when it gets hinky, we love it, and that makes all the difference. Hugs my friend,


SandyCarlson said...

The work of art is a journey. How beautiful you trust it.