Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday April 24, 2011 NoPoWriMo Day #24

NaPoWriMo Day #24
Suday Scribblings #264 Shine

Shining for Elizabeth
The sun isn't shining
There is a blanket
Of grey clouds
A downy coverlet
Over the New Mexico landscape

The pen moves across
The creamy page
The weeks pass like
Smoke through a key hole

And you speak of
"knowing without knowing"
Knowing without words to explain
The marbles fall into slots
There is order
And something is clear
Perhaps for the first time
Perhaps for all times

And yet the nest is
On the ground, again
Dislodged from
It's hiding place
Is it magpies or wind
The nest will be replaced
You will deal with
The destruction
But it is a dangerous
Neighborhood indeed
Hungry magpies are
Watching your every move

Nothing safe or secure
The sun has come out
From it's hiding place
Adobe walls
Capture it's warmth
Breaking the hard shell
To see the crystals
Shine from within

Together we marvel
At the miracle
Notes plucked on
Perfectly drawn strings
We hum along
Follow the thread
Words dropped
Upon the page
The pen marks
Their outline

What is known
Comes into focus
Our feet begin
To pick up the rhythm
We clap our hands
It is the season
The eggs are laid
We watch and we wait
For all to hatch
All that is known
And all that is unknown


Brian Miller said...

nice capture of spring and easter and the renewal of life...when we lay those metaphorical eggs we have much unknown about the future of them...

SandyCarlson said...

I love this poem full of the beautiful anticipation of this delightful season.

Elizabeth said...

Annell my deepest apologies. Meant to come much sooner, but running for sister and power has been inconsistent, an on again off again surprise at all hours. I love this poem, and know it is based in our last conversation. Thank you my friend for thinking and writing it all down in words. You are a nest, and I'm so glad I know where to find you,