Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday April 28, 2011 NaPoWriMo Day #28/Bozone Prompt/ Red Shoes by Terrase Wellborn

Image from the internet.

Brenda's prompt: Anguish

Each Day Offers A New Beginning

At first I thought
I would select "anguish"
And then write
About the opposite
But on second thought
What fun it would be
To explore anguish
A dungeon of horrors
A tale of woe
List all of the adversities
Drag it out
Talk real slow

I could get down in the dumps
If only to find the silver lining
That each distress brings
Investigate every disease
Explore disorders
Detail them in all their gore
List each illness
Symptoms and outcomes
Trials and tribulations
Drag it out
Talk real slow

There is much actual suffering
In this world
No shortage of calamities
Depression rules the day
Grief, hardship and misery
The world itself seems angry
There is sorrow through-out the land
No end to misfortune
Illness, death, storms and waves
Drag it out
Talk real slow

But in the end
When all is quiet
Peace comes to
The frightened heart
The sun rises again in the east
Brings solace
Happiness is yours' for the taking
Perhaps so much death
Destruction and misfortune
Only serves to remind
Those of us left standing
It is good to be alive
There is joy in each and every breath
Give thanks
For one more day
Drag it out
Talk real slow


Today Ruthie posted Terrase Wellburn's Red Shoes piece. And Terrase posted a piece by Ruthie. Hope you will stop by.

This image is the gate to the delights of my friend Terresa Wellborn, who has been generously featuring poets from the blogosphere during National Poetry Month at her blog The Chocolate Chip Waffle.

Today, I am her featured guest! What a wonder. You can get there from here.

I'll take this chance to tell you if you have not already passed through her gate that Terresa is a force of nature, as delicate and as strong as a cosmos flower rising up through a crack in the sidewalk. Her allures of femininity and a little quirkiness are a cross between a teenage prankster and a wise old mother. Her poetry is nuanced, unexpected and titillating, her hunger for life and poetic expression is a double decker bus loading little girls and mothers in high heels to embark for a joy ride on top.

Here is a sample of Terresa's poetry I especially like.

Red Shoes

I was thirty-three,
I wasn't sure I could carry it off,
throated birds sprouting as feet,
a catastrophe.

They rushed over my toes,
I couldn't help it,
they spoke in slick tongues,
an August heat.

They unbuckled like the
back porch unlocking rain,
the color you hear in
veins, colliding.

I wear them now
every day,
they speak nothing of

-Terresa Wellborn


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh what a lovely feast in here this morning! I so love your response to the anguish prompt - the peace that comes in the midst of all the uproar, the solace for those left standing. It sure feels like that these days. Wonderful life- affirming poem! The photo has the same effect as the poem.

I love what you wrote about Terresa, and her poem is SO FANTASTIC!!!! Wowzers.

Like I said, a feast in here this morning!

signed...bkm said...

Yes, there is so much to be thankful for, and many times we need to remind the self of the world and its beauty even in all the calmities....lovely and Terresa is a great writer...unique always a joy to read I have much respect for her writing....

have a beautiful day...bkm

flaubert said...

Love the anguish post, Annell.


My way said...

Thank you for visiting my blog

Brian Miller said...

ha love the repitition of the last two lines and thanks for pointing us toward the silver lining..

SandyCarlson said...

I love this poem and your thoughts on anguish.

Elizabeth said...

I love the choice you make and offer to anyone who reads this. The choice is always present. Thank you,