Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday 27, 2011 Theme Thursday

Clouds over New Mexico

Theme Thursday prompt: Cloud

Ordinary and extraordinary
The spring board
For the imagination
A hole to fall down
A place to "get lost"
A place of freedom
Lie on your back
In the grass
Breath in
The luscious air

The circus has come to town
Elephants parade
With tails in their trunks
Clowns tumble
The lady on horseback
A tight rope walker

A symphony
Plays just for you
Violins and horns
Strings and air
Bassoons or trumpets
The Maestro
With his stick

A fairyland
Of castles
Elves and
Magical creatures

Alice's Wonderland
The queen of hearts
The mad hatter
The rabbit
The Cheshire cat
Tea cups and such

Lands far away
And magical
You don't have to
Go anywhere
Wear special clothes
It doesn't cost

Right in your
Own back yard
A collection of
Funny actors
On stage
Clouds are
Nature's story teller
And all we have to do
Is look up and dream
Images emerge
The words of
The story follow


Brian Miller said...

smiles. i love this...laying in the grass on your back looking into the clouds it is hard to tell what you might find...

Elizabeth said...

I was with my sister the other day, and got caught up in taking pictures of the cloud action above us. I know of what you speak,


Sherry Blue Sky said...

So beautiful, photo and images.......and soon I will be UP in them! whu-hoo! A new loftier perspective awaits! I love this poem, Annell, cloud-watcher that I am.

laurie kolp said...

My kids and I love playing cloud shapes, too... great magical fun!

Helen said...

I have always been cloud watcher ..........

Betsy said...

Nice...I love to find pictures in the clouds!

Mary said...

One can see so many things in clouds! I always liked to do this as a child. Perhaps I should take up this practice now again. Your poem inspires me.

SandyCarlson said...

I a thinking of pictures as story tellers. We use them in the classroom as if Mother Nature hadn't thought of clouds!

erin said...

a wonderful poem to accompany what i came her smiling to tell you, that when your blog comes to my reader and i read, some things i think about each time i smile, for it is like your blog is an invitation to think and live.

the sky there is a very special thing. it lured me once with dreams. what i lived beneath was an entirely different thing. but that is ok.


beccagivens said...

I love watching the clouds - and one can see SO MANY different things when we unleash our imagination!! Very nicely done!!