Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday May 13, 2011 Poets United #48 Mirrors/Theme Thursday

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Poets United #48 Mirrors

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Mirrors reflect my life
Behind me
And all that came before
I can see the people
Coming to a new land
Land of promise
They came with their
Traditions, songs and beliefs
Found their places
Built towns
Along the roads
Scattered about
As puzzle pieces
Once joined
Now taken apart

I would like to sit
With them
Find the reasons
They could not see
This land they took
Belonged to others
They showed no respect
For traditions, songs and beliefs
Of those who already
Occupied this land
They called it their own
Could not see what was
Before them

This history isn't pretty
It was hard on everyone
But especially those
Who lost it all
Of course how else
Could they deny
Except they could not
See what they
Were doing

It is our tradition now
We take what we want
Without regard to others
What you say
It is their land
It is their resource
And we are surprised
When others don't like
The way we treat them
Look into the mirror
It is reflected there
We create the legacy
We give this gift
Of disrespect for others
And then we wonder
How it all got this way

And now my life
Has brought me to this mesa
Where on quiet star light nights
The sounds of the drums roll
Across the sage
Enter my open window
Whisper night mares
Of blood and sorrow
Reflected in the mirror

We clean the windows on the bus
And yet it is all there
To be seen
We can not deny
Who we are
Who is reflected in the mirror


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Theme Thursday: Escape

Heavy grey clouds threaten
Shyly clear blue peeks through
Tiny opening in the clouds

There is a place upon the land
In which I fit
Snuggle in
Lick the glue on the envelope
Pull down the flap

Having found this place
Just my size ad style
Do I now need escape
Run away
Seek the unfamiliar
Is it too comfortable
In the downey nest

Like the young aviators
Do I need to spread my wings
Soar in the wind
Sing the gypsy song
Wander free
Or like a child's kite
Do I need you to hold the string
Which secures me
To my mesa home
Below the sacred mountain
Under threatening skies


Elizabeth said...

the first piece is a history we all want to forget or ignore. Your second piece has a deep sense of the personal about it. Together they certainly speak of and to the reality of place and how that affects us. Thank you,


Mary said...

Beautiful poetry, Annell. My favorite lines:

We can not deny
Who we are
Who is reflected in the mirror

Kim Nelson said...

Love the way you consider so many options in your escape piece.

lucychili said...

mm in another nation
with the same reflection
the global pattern is exploitative
how do we see differently?

Ruth said...

Thank you for these lines from a sensitive poet, who I hope will find healing by snuggling into her place.