Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday May 6, 2011 Theme Thursday/Poets United

Poets United Prompt # 47: Toes

Toes almost always
Take the lead
If there is something
That needs stumping
Toes will do it

Toes keep
The body grounded
As they dig deep
Into the soil

Toes are full of memories
Of barefoot childhood summers
Fresh mowed grass
Sandy beaches
Icy mountain streams

Tenderly toes
Tell the story
Of forgotten
Loves and holidays

All the places
We have been
All the footsteps
Left behind

Drawing by Amy Cutler.

Theme Thrusday Prompt: Puzzle


The day
Morning, noon
And night time, too
Clocks tick
Like the continuous
Beating of the heart

Life is a puzzle
Finished picture imagined
This is my life
This is what it
Will look like

To fit the pieces
One to the next
The difficulty
Of squeezing an elephant
Through the eye of a needle
Sometimes the puzzle
Called life is hard
Sometimes not


Elizabeth said...

I think we often make the puzzle much harder than it needs to be.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


You have really captured the beauty and the importance of toes in life. A 'footmark' of life itself!

Best wishes, Eileen

Elizabeth said...

Love the toes piece. I'm a barefoot person myself and am very grateful to my toes and how far they have taken me.


Everyday Goddess said...

I really like both! Nice!

Anna Mavromatis said...

I would have never thought that verses on toes could have such lyrical character; brilliant!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I especially love the toe piece , which brings back so many memories....footsteps left behind. Just lovely, Annell!

laughingwolf said...

'spalins why elfalunks gots flat feets... yumpin outta trees! lol

SandyCarlson said...

Our toes are our antennae! We need those little guys, for sure.

Mary said...

You did your toes proud. I had a real problem coming up with something for that.