Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday May 23, 2011 Mayfield Artists Book Project/ Magpie #67/Sunday Scribbling

These are the professional pictures of Mayfield Artists Book Project, any boy born without pretension and raised in the hill country late 1800's --turn of the century. On Friday May 20, I wrote about this project.



Unexpected, Unrequested
All dressed up
To the party we go
He examines the morsel
With the special glass
Round and ground
Shiny and clear
A parcel of sun
Served with the chicken
Our host asks
Who is responsible
And all the while
The musician
Plays his lute
And giggles

Image from the internet.

Sunday Scribblings #268 Better late than not at all

Better Late Than Not at All
As agreed
I pressed the
Numbers on the phone
Again you are not there
Perhaps you will call
Better late than not at all

The smell of your baking
Floats out the door
And into my own
It was not ready
For breakfast
Better late than not at all

The minutes tick
Time flies by
I was early
Now late
Better late than not at all

I wait for the phone to ring
The e-mail to come
Hear your voice
Read your message
Better late than not at all


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so enjoyed this, it made me smile!

honeyhaiku said...

Enjoyed reading this! Nice piece.

Helen said...

This tickled my fancy ....

Steve Isaak said...

Love the last two lines of the lute player poem - good lead-up.

Isabel said...

great read

Tess Kincaid said...

Yes, I, too love that parcel of sun!

SandyCarlson said...

These are great. I love that project. Fabulous images.

And that last poem--is where I am right now. thank you.

Kathe W. said...

a piece of the sun...brilliant

flaubert said...

This is so good, Annell.


Brian Miller said...

absolutely love the quick rhymes in your magpie...the pics of the project are really cool as well...

Margaret Pangert said...

Fabulous Magpie! The quick cadence with short lines is clever, perfectly conveying your witty lines. Brava!

Anna :o] said...

Lovely read!

Anna :o]

Tumblewords: said...

A smile and a lute - lovely!

Lena said...

Words playing along to the pictures beautifully! I enjoyed all of these.

Lydia said...

This has a great musical quality to it. Excellent.
We both used the word "morsel" in our magpies...I thought that was interesting.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.