Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday 21, 2011 Writers' Island

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The Devil Comes on Horseback
When the world is hot and sizzles
Sun shines so bright
Shade your eyes
Or like lizard
You can even close them tight
But only for a moment

The devil comes on horseback
The horizon you must watch
To see his dust arising
With every clippity-clop

He does not come for supper
Nor does he come for tea
It's you he's after
It's you it will have to be


  1. You've created a 'sizzling' poem here, Annell. I think we all fear the devil a bit!

  2. Yes, the devil comes in many disguises... I love that he even comes on horseback... a powerful image, great ending.

  3. nice...makes me think of a few these days he rides something a bit more high tech, but still the pale horse logo

  4. You have conjured up memories of all those old black and white westerns I used to love as a girl ... though the Devil always lost to John Wayne. Great poem.

  5. I hear spaghetti western theme music playing !

  6. Ooooh, this was a sizzling good read! Love the metre.

  7. That was a good one. I am a goner, so I better make the most of life now!

  8. Smokin'! The devil does indeed come on horseback...

  9. a sizzler indeed.....thanks for sharing this Anne

  10. Annell,
    I did enjoy this and that constant threat of surprise!
    Being prepared, is important!!!
    Best wishes, Eileen

    Thank you for your very kind comments left at my poem Still Sunday.
    I like your sense of humour!!! Eileen

  11. Can we ever be truly prepared? He comes as he will when he wants. And we don't always recognize him.