Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday May 15, 2011Blue Bell Books/ Poetry Tow Truck 20/ Sunday Scribblings/ Beyond the Bezone/Poetry Pantry

Blue Bell Books

Taos Balloon Festival
Balloons to the West
Balloons to the East
Float above in the air
Balloons everywhere

In the fall
Balloons above the gorge
Balloons above the village
Balloons everywhere

Balloons of every color
Balloons of every shape
Folks are crazy about them
Set on fire at night
Lovely to see
Float above in the air
Balloons everywhere


Exercise One: Starting Points

From the periodic table, choose a line of at least 6 elements in a row in any direction: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Write those letters/sets of letters vertically down the side of your paper. Use those letters as inspiration for the first word/words of your lines. I attempted the following:

C/ Candles warm yellow flicker against the lavender night

Si/ Singeing your auburn hair

Ge/ Gently save yourself from harm

Sn/ Sneak preview of new hair cut

Pb/ Publicly bungle it all

Uuq/ Utter urgent quip "Hearts on fire!"


Image of the flag of San Jacinto Battle, image from the internet.

Sunday Scribblings prompt #267: Surrender

Death Enters Gently
When all is said and done
And life isn't possible
Surrender is all that is left
Not one more breath
Not one more day of struggle
Give it up
Death enters gently

Surrender is hard for some
Black-beard was shot five times
Cut twenty before he surrendered
With all his evil ways
He was a brave pirate
Surrender didn't come easy
Death enters gently

There are many stories
Of people seeking a place
Undergoing hardships
And yet, surrender was unthinkable

In war
This unwillingness to surrender
Is seen often
Men willing to risk it all
Until surrender is all that is left
Death enters gently

How much better
If only they could
Embrace surrender
Before it all began
Each side throw
Down your arms
Give it up
But everyone is fighting
For what is "right"
Perhaps one day
We'll find a better way


Image from the internet.

Finding Meaning in Words
Inspecting the words
Sorting them into little piles
Ideas slip into the words
Slowly begin to "filter"
Into my coffee cup

Into the quiet of
This lavender morning
The simple void
Is "substituted"
By racing horses
Each "brandishing"
Symbols of the tribe


I turn away
You are there on
The foot "bridge"
A "rural" setting
Smoke curling
From the "chimney"
Blue skies

Life is "textured"
By many images
The ones before us
And the ones within
All the while "slurping"
A "salty" big boy
The waves roll

"Eke", slime in the
Ice machine


Back to the piles
Ideas hidden in words

Image from the internet.
Poetry Pantry

Goodbye Ben
Can I speak of death
In this quiet place
Without sound
Chilling like antarctica

A distance to travel
The destination
You were born for
At least he knew
He had set up
The circumstance

It was no surprise
Long years he had waited
He followed the path
Of his choosing
It had all be written
As towers fell
Dust rose from
The cities' floor
Coated the windows
Finger traced his name
And now he is no more

Goodbye Ben
You did what you could
Believed your own words
Perhaps there could
Have been another way
It was all up to you
Now it is quiet
Without sound
You name traced
In the dust
Chilling like antarctica


  1. ha. you did well spinning those the cachophony of imagery it brings...the foot bridge, smoke...the piles of words...very nice annell..."stop"

  2. You have a wonderful collection of poems here, Annell. I like very much what you did with the wordle.

  3. Two very different takes. Thoughtful and thought-provoking - both. I'm glad I stopped by to read. Thanks.

  4. Like both for very different reasons. You used the wordle words well.


  5. Wow, Annell, some meaty topics in here, so well written. Especially love the line "chilling like Antarctica." And I particularly like the ending of the first poem: Perhaps some day we'll find a better way.

  6. Another wonderfully broad collection of work Annell..maybe we sometimes have to surrender to positive things as well - living not dying -

    The chemical elements challenge is hard! here's my try -

    He - Laugh
    Ne - Never surrender
    Ar - always resolve
    Kr - 'K'rash and rebuild
    Xe - easy
    RN - never run

    Jae :)

  7. Annell, a wonderful collection of poems, my favourite is the wordled poem. All are beautifully done.


  8. wow,
    your words pop like balloons,
    cute entry,
    thanks for sharing.

  9. What a wonderful selection of poetry to enjoy on a Sunday evening. Thank you, Annell

  10. I always enjoy what you write
    Loved the balloons everywhere
    They are beautiful, glowing in the night sky

  11. Your heart and brain working overtime here Annell....I love the Surrender is word ...that seems to constantly reappear in my that an Angel..continually whispers in my ear...Annell...An(n) close it that???...bkm

  12. You make me want to go to TAOS!

  13. Quite a menagerie of fine pieces here, Annelle. What a nice Sunday treat! I really like the wordle/ horse pic combination... and the Periodic Table poem is brilliant.

  14. A great collection. So much that is creative and beautiful. I love your reflection on bin Laden.

  15. Annell, I am so sorry I missed this post. It's been a busy week.

    Wow, this is an impressive collection of work. You took those wordle words and ran with them. That was my favorite amongst them.

    I also like the bin Laden reflection, and agree with Kim. I want to see your beautiful state, more to feel the landscape than to see balloons, though. :)

    Thanks for doing the wordle, Annell. I'll be taking words from this post in the coming Sunday's wordle. You've provided a plethora of choices.