Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monday May 30, 2011 Beyond the Bezone

Illustration by Amy Cutler.

Silent Truths
Earth, fire and water
The circle complete
The elephants hold the tail
Of the one before
Robbed of their life
They cry out
And spite out the tails
Which they throw
In the gutter

Walking into the twilight
Night lights begin to sparkle
Too many to count accurately
Stars light the way

No destination
Turning in circles
Afraid to gather the leaves
They long for
Instead write notes
On old stained sheets
Soon to be sent to wind planet
Farms to gather wind into
Large spinning windmills

The sheets will be flags
And words will
Fall over the land
Warning against a future
Patterned and sewed
Onto a flawed past
Hopes which soared
Like hot air balloons
Now fall back to the ground
The keepers in long skirts
Stride out to gather and
Hide the silent truths


Brian Miller said...

often the truth remains elusive and hidden...and how quick fall our heroes...

brenda w said...

Annell, Anytime elephants receive airtime in a poem I'm hooked. They live close in my heart. This is beautiful and so sad. Thank you.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautifully written a dream that one can't quite shake or escape. Elephants speak to my heart and your lines of words, stained sheets and windmills set a scene I can still see as I write.

layers said...

I knew that if I came to your blog today that I would find a wonderful poem- moving and beautiful and thoughtful-- in keeping with the day and filled with remembrance.

flaubert said...

Annell, that final stanza is outstanding! Wonderful poem.


Traci B said...

Very dreamlike poem, Annell. Beautifully written.

SandyCarlson said...

The circle imagery and the slipping into dark has me wondering about a search for completeness. Not easy, often lonely, sometimes successful. But who can know? Your poem is stirring.

Elizabeth said...

That constant search for wholeness and a sense of belonging in a world we have worked so hard to disconnect ourselves from. The balance is there, we but need to take the time to find it. I hear so many echoes in this one, Annell. Thank you,


Mary said...

Annell, I love the flow of this poem, where you went with these words. An artist's journey.