Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday May 8, 2011 Writers Island/ Sunday Scribblings/Beyond the Byzone

Writers Island #19 prompt: Season

I thought Autumn
Would reveal
The wise woman
But instead I find
The child is
Still with me
And claims much
For herself

I have walked
Many new beginnings
Begun and ended
Ahead I see
Many more new beginnings
Each built upon
The ruins of
The past

Spectacular sights
New horizons
Since one thing
I know for sure
Is that we cross
This way only once
Each remaining
Step will be seen
With new eyes
As if for the first time
With wonder

Even unto the end
Each moment
Each second
A new beginning
A new season
Sunday Scribblings Prompt #266 May

Month of May
Beginning of warm
Days of summer
Temperatures rise
Sun higher in the sky
Sinks in the west
Much later
Days are longer

It is the month of your birth
The beginning
Just five months before
The time of your death
I swam with Taurus
And yet, you stamp
Your foot
Snort your breath
To show your displeasure

The clothes I wear
Are not my own
I am a stranger
Even unto myself
The low tone of
The color blue
Envelopes me

I am not myself
It was Friday
When last I was here
End of the week
Looked over the roses
Sipped tea

You sang for me
Old favorites
From long years back
Many Mays ago
Silver braids hang
Near your shoulders

Wish you were here
The temperature is 90
In the South
You say --
Head north follow
The evening star

Ride through the sage
Dust rises
Like dust devils into
The pure blue sky

You will know I am coming
You will hear the sound
Of my ponies hoofs
In the sand

You will follow my trail
Traces of my passing
The wind erases
My footsteps
And yet in the future
Many Mays from now
You will know all of
My movements


Beyond the Byzone

The "evaporation" of
The sweat from my skin
Leaves me damp and sticky
Moss hangs like horse
Tails from branches
Of the old trees

The summer air
"Breathes" from the bay
Blows hot wind
Across the yard

Thoe tends the
Flower garden round
The pink house
Images "embroidered"
On my heart
The time of our youth
Hand in hand

Sometimes the past
"Supersedes" this
Present moment
"Tugs" at the heart strings
Simple melody
Repeated twenty six
Thousand times a day

"Mist" forms in brown eyes
A "tiny" tear sparkles as it
"Slides" down the cheek
A "river" of memories
Like tangled "seaweed"
Just below the surface

A door opens
We are here again
Given "water"
"Released" from longings
Sunlight sparkles across
The freshly cut lawn
Lash runs to greet us
He has been waiting
Under the shade of
The gently rustling palms


Mary said...

This is a lovely poem of nostalgia and yearning, Annell!

jaerose said...

There was great pride in these words..maybe two stories melded together through time..the seasons..the landscape..bringing them together..maybe the blue keeps the present cool..provides some relief from the journey and the heat..Jae

Amanda said...

Now that's an unusual but well done interpretation!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Haunting memories, years of longing, hope never failing...beautiful narratives, beautifully written.


well, blue sky says it so perfectly and so beautifully, taking the words from my own heart - magnificently done! thank you so much for sharing! jenean

Kate said...

Beautiful- feels so prairie gothic to me.

Brian Miller said...

love that first one...i am a stranger even unto myself...yes some days...

Elizabeth said...

Your words are haunted today with memories, but even more so with feelings of passing time, yearning, and things known and still learning. Wonderful work, my friend,


Sherry Blue Sky said...

All beautiful, Annell. I loved the first one but the second especially intrigued me, I found myself wanting to know the backstory, and to whom you were writing...........wonderful poetry, very rich!

SandyCarlson said...

You are a prolific artist, and the quality here is always good. I love your thoughts on seasons.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I loved the 'walk through life itself', with your poem about the seasons and autumn in particular.
A seasonal journey indeed....

Best wishes, Eileen

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

a word smith, you rock.

Jingle said...

beautiful words.
bless you.

Hope that you have enjoyed a lovely Mother's day.

flaubert said...

Annell, I love what you did with the wordle words.


Short Poems said...

I loved the 'walk through life itself', beautiful creative work!
Take care

SandyCarlson said...

This blog is a source of peace for me. I love to stop here at the end of the day and read or reread your poems.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

Glad to discover your poetry talent,
Share a free verse with us today, bless you.
Keep up the excellence.