Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thursday May 12, 2011 Theme Thursday

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Theme Thursday: Escape

Heavy grey clouds threaten
Shyly clear blue peeks through
Tiny opening in the clouds

There is a place upon the land
In which I fit
Snuggle in
Lick the glue on the envelope
Pull down the flap

Having found this place
Just my size and style
Do I now need escape
Run away
Seek the unfamiliar
Is it too comfortable
In the downey nest

Like the young aviaries
Do I need to spread my wings
Soar in the wind
Sing the gypsy song
Wander free
Or like a child's kite
Do I need you to hold the string
Which secures me
To my mesa home
Below the sacred mountain
Under threatening skies


  1. This poem so well expresses the eternal tug-o-war between freedom and security. 'Or like a child's kite
    Do I need you to hold the string'.

  2. Well written, Annell. The conflict between wanting to soar free and needing someone or something as an anchor!