Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday May 19, 2011 Theme Thursday/Poets United

Gossip is an old fashioned
Kind of communication
In a small town
Everyone knew
What everyone else was doing
And had to comment on it
Over the back fence

Anything that could be found out
Who is or who was doing who
Was passed around
On the tip of the tongue
Of the church ladies circle

And at the quilting bee
It was best to arrive early
Or else you might be
The topic discussed
As the needle
Drew the thread
In and out
In and out
All the while
Eyebrows raised
Heads nodded up and down
One tongue to another

At the barbershop
Trimmed and shined
Observations observed
Tales exchanged
Tongues rattled endlessly
Births and deaths
Who was up
And who was down

All the while
The sun shine filtered
Through the dust
And each waited their turn
To find their name
The latest scandal
Titillation on the
Tip of the tongue
Passed around
Tongue to tongue

Gossip old fashioned
And yet still today
TV, tweeter, and facebook
We check in to find
Out who is doing what
People on the other
Side of the world
As familiar as your
Neighbor next door
All the world is
A small town now

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Poets United prompt: Untitled

Nothing definite
No direction
North, south, east or west
No name known
Spin around

Grasp what is before you
Slide your hands over the surface
Does something come to mind
Can you see
Or do you remain lost

Taste for sugar or salt
Smell for something familiar
Call out in the darkness
In stillness the owl answers
Bird of wisdom
Sometimes we like to be lost
Because it is so good to be found


Timoteo said...

I really like this, Annell. Having grown up in small towns, it rings true for me. And my dad was a barber--we lived right behind his shop, and so I knew all the latest gossip. Your barber was sort of like your therapist too, someone you could unload upon while he snipped away.

All the world a small town now...astute observation!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Great commentary, Annell, & so true!


rings so true with me, too - my paternal grandmother lived in a very small "courthouse square" town in central louisiana - this could very well have been written with winnfield in mind! very nice!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this one, Annell. All the world is a small town now. Just lovely. I loved living in a village, it was like a big family........

Mary said...

Annell, I remember that small town gossip. In my growing up neighborhood, people used to exchange gossip sitting on other people's front porches at night or with other women who were hanging up clothes on their clotheselines.

But you are right, Annell, with communication as it is today, all the world is a small town now!