Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday May 11, 2011 Poetics Asides

Poetics Asides Prompt #131 "When you are not paying attention"

When you are not paying attention
All kinds of things can happen
Take your eyes off the ball
You can become lost
Miss the catch
Lose the game

As an artist
It is the muse
For which you must
Pay attention
For surely
As you nap comfortably
She comes
She will not wake you
You will not know

It is your job
To be at your post
To pay attention
You are waiting
Otherwise you will not
Even be aware
That you have arrived


  1. Strong, and valuable, advice for poets. You never know when he muse will strike.

  2. I really like this one......this week, I have been napping comfortably too much and the Muse has definitely not been able to get through:) This was a wake up cal, will try to stay upright today and get something done!

  3. So true ... is that why I awaken in the middle of a night with the fragments of a poem whirling in my brain?

  4. A beautiful poem with a wonderful message, Annell.


  5. The last line really changed direction..that it's more about you perhaps than the muse..recognising she is there? I love seeing your 'Day in The Life' piece mounted on your blog page..all that attention in every line and curve..Jae

  6. and how ironic your post today as i have been thinking of my own muse[s] and speaking of them with friends - my own muse[s] seem to particularly favor the times of full moon and new moon - and when i am traveling - for some reason, they, too, love the open road and feel more open and alive there than most anywhere else - and your words here remind me of how they and i need nourishing at times! great post!

  7. Commented on this earlier, but Blogger locked me out. Love the truth of which you speak, all those whispers we don't lean in and listen to. Lost is a good word,