Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday May 18, 2011 We Write Poetry

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We Write Poetry Prompt: Make it up yourself. When I read that, my mind was blank. I had no prompt. Today I was reading some pieces of other writers. When I read signed...bkm, Counting Syllables, I loved the words "truth in the wind." I thought I would write something based on that. And then realized it could be a prompt, or was a prompt. Take a couple of words that inspire you from another poem. " Borrow from your neighbor, it will be exactly what you need.

Truth in the Wind
In the morning
I am left alone
You are nowhere
In sight
Wonder where
You are hiding
Reflecting the sun
On starry unseeing eyes

Perhaps you are resting
Under a sage brush
Gathering strength
For your afternoon blow
After lunch you appear
Whispering truths
Barely audible
If no one listens
You shriek and scream
At the top of your lungs
You threaten
Your authority is not questioned.


Jarvis said...

I think poets should write more while around friends and family. There would be less lonely sentiments. haha.

signed...bkm said...

Annell, now lovely and glad you recieved some inspiration from my piece...always in awe of now a word for phase will inspire some days and others..nothing works..."resting under a sage bush"...that sounds so wonderful..I hope the weather warms enough for my mind to do that soon....blessings..bkm

Helen said...

I get inspiration from so many bloggers ... on my poetry blog and my regular blog. It's a tribute to them and incentive for me.

Elizabeth said...

I like the idea of borrowing words and phrases from online friends and neighbors. I also like where you took bkm's line. Some fine solid imagery to underline that truth in the wind,


Brian Miller said...

barely audible
if no one listens
does a tree make a noise
when it falls, a sentry or ceturies
brought low, silent scream
we move on

tears cloud my eyes as
i leave her bedside, body
grown cold, as have i
in the shadow of her

ok, so i borrowed a few of yours. well played annell.

LeahJ.Lynn said...

I get inspired the same way at times. Very good

brenda w said...

This is well constructed, Annell. It evoked your header picture for me. It's a beautiful place, and poem.

Mary said...

Well written, Annell. There is definitely merit in taking ideas from other poets/bloggers that work and doing your own thing with them!