Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday September 27, 2011

Still Life Revisited/ Three Plums gouache on w/c paper 11"x11"

Still Life Revisited gouache/acrylic on w/c paper 11"x11"

I continue to try to simplify the compositions and simplify the color. I am looking for something, and am not sure what...


  1. Knowing you, it will come to you.

  2. You are definitely on a journey...I see the colors narrowed down and the shapes as well. Hoped you might share some thoughts at this point..as you stated you are in the not always knowing part of this series.

  3. I am a sensing a joy in these. Thansk for sharing the quest!

  4. I totally understand the search for a simplicity of colour and form. That's the part I enjoy being able to work on with computer graphics, as cropping to get small images from larger ones really allows the eye to hone in on the best example. Would you allow one of your images to be used on my In Tandem blog sometime? I particularly loved your previous one of an orchid that I've just seen...