Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday September 3, 2011 Studio Visits

Still Life/ Influence of Place/ Chalk Bull and Pot 16"x16" encaustic

Yesterday, my local dealer was doing some studio visits, and asked me to come along. I was just a "fly on the wall" and I want to try to share the experience with you. Give you an idea of how it is on the other side. Both of the artists we visited had been recommended to the gallery. So first off, I want to remind you if there is an artist you like, recommend them to the gallery that represents you.

We made appointments. And we went out to "see." I had looked at the website of the first artist. And to tell the truth, I wasn't sure. But when we got there. The artist had so many works. She worked in series, and had many pieces in each series. So works I had seen on the internet, might not have really grabbed me, there were other works from the series that I liked better in person. There is nothing like seeing the actual work. And we have to remember, that seeing the work on the computer is a reproduction and not the actual work. We are not looking at "art," just a reproduction.

While I made comments about pieces I really responded to, my Dealer made her selection. And in the end, selected several works for the next show at the gallery. There were other works she liked, but she stayed on track and made notes of other series she might like to have at a later date.

We both were a little on overload, and stopped at the gallery for a cold drink before we went to the next studio visit.

In this case I "knew" the work we were going to see, and though my Dealer had only seen photos of the work and had expressed some reservations. But again, when she saw the actual work, she was completely "swept away." She "got it." And that is one reason I am sharing this, it is the importance of the "experience of seeing the actual work." And to see it, in the space where the artist creates. It really makes a difference. And again there was agreement, the artist would deliver work to the gallery in the coming days.


Marilyn & Jeff said...

I agree that seeing the work in it's own creative space is so much better than seeing it on the Internet, the colours and textures are never really show up on screen. Having said that i love the piece above. Oh how I would love to 'see' your work in your creative space!

SandyCarlson said...

Fascinating. Thanks for this inside view of how all this goes.

erin said...

i can understand this, annell, the importance of the experience of art. this is why i sometimes have problems seeing art on walls or in sterile surroundings. to see art as it is meant to be seen, perhaps on a table, on a book shelf, someone walking by it while in their lives, their real lives, real lighting, not perfect lighting, or the sun, or the moonlight, in this way i think i could love art more, when it is more organic, more real, more a part of our living environment. i think many artists would perhaps be upset with me, but i would like to see it with dirt, to see it used.

thank you for the glimpse inside:)


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