Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012 Still Life #44

Still Life #44 22"x22" gouache

I am no longer choosing my favorite colors to work with, instead I am blindly choosing colors from the color box, (a box filled with color chips.) And then I am working with the color to change the hue. I chose pink and a blue for Still Life #44. I changed the pink into orange, and the blue into a blue-violet.

In the pieces before I was allowing a value change through gradation, (a slow change>0

That is one thing an artist strives for, "something happening."


Mary said...

Annell, something happening is always a good thing.

Laura said...

and it has Annell...I love how the relationship between colors in proximity changes them too, so like people. When I studied color theory in college this fascinated me, I was too young then to understand that it wasn't just a truth about colors, but everything!