Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fragments III #104  20"x20"  gouache on w/c paper

Fragments III #105  20"x20"  gouache on w/c paper

Fragments III #107  20"x20"  gouache on w/c paper

These pieces were accepted into Third Coast National, a juried exhibition of new works of art from all across the USA.Juror:  Christina Rees is the curator of Moudy Gallery and Forth Worth Contemporary Arts at Texas christian University.


 Press Release                                                                            Contact: Marilyn
August brings b. j. spoke gallery’s annual Paperworks 2012 Exhibition
On view from Tuesday, August 1st until August 29th, 2012
Opening reception is Saturday, August 4th from 6-9 pm
This year b. j. spoke invited Laura Phipps, assistant curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, to judge the entries submitted for the National Competition and select the artworks on and made of paper for the Winners Exhibition - Paperworks 2012.  She selected these twenty winning artists: Sara Conklin, Karen Cunningham, Marjorie Forte, Jenny Freestone, Colleen Ho, Bror Hultgren, Nikki Klopfenstein, Phyllis Kravitz, Louise Laplante, Francene Levinson, Annell Livingston, Lori Love Penland, Iris Polos, Johwey Redington, Dave Rogers, Suzanne Ross, Stephen Spretnjak, Jeff Wetzig, Christine Wuenschel and Tmima Z.
Ms. Phipps said “Surveying the submissions for "Paperworks" 2012, I was struck by a sense that many artists have an interest in the exploration of the properties of paper - physical, functional, and symbolic. In particular, the works chosen for this exhibition reflect properties inherent in the use of paper through the subject matter depicted, the manipulation of paper's attributes and functions, or the treatment or degradation of the paper itself. 
In their work, Louise Laplante, Annell Livingston, Phyllis Kravitz, and Jenny Freestone present subject matter that depicts both the fragility and vibrancy of the natural world through the specific imagery and symbolism of birds. Similarly, the depiction of other bodies (human and animal) in works by Iris Polos, Sara Conklin, Christine Wuenschel, and Karen Cunningham reflect the complicated nature of life - at times strong and seemingly invincible and at others weak and vulnerable. In these instances the qualities of subject matter chosen by these artists is mirrored in the qualities of the medium and support - paper - the artists employ.
In other instances, the subject matter and functions of paper become intertwined. Paper was created to aid communication and continues in that tradition as a tool for art-making. By incorporating the basic building block of communication - language (Marjorie Forté and Dave Rogers), central tools of communication - the book (Tmima Z and Johwey Redington) and post (Stephan Spretnjak), or highlighting the way paper as communication outlives its purpose (Jeff Wetzig) artists in the exhibition have explored  paper's functionality to a variety of ends.
And finally, the treatment of paper itself underscores its physicality as both medium and support in the work of Bror Hultgren, Lori Love Penland, Colleen Ho, Francene Levinson, Suzanne Ross, and Nikki Klopfenstein. By making paper, reusing found paper, reshaping paper, and poking and burning its surface these artists physically identify paper's multitude of properties.”

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is so great, Annell. Nice to be a recognized artist in your own locale. Love the reviewer's understanding that you are "exploring the physicalities of paper". Cool.