Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31, 2013 Sunday Whirl #124


In the stillness of early morning
Drink my coffee from my inky mug
Yesterday is gone 
Now forgotten

Thoughts and ideas that spring forth
Are real for just a moment
Such possibilities...
Much is now lost

Today will be the same...
The possibilities of sparks
Will fly again
Like new shoots in the garden
New feathery babies in the nest

The scarlet work was finished at last
After close inspection
And careful consideration
It will NOT be added to the collection
Loaded as it is with beautiful
Small visual pieces
It does not work as a whole
There is nothing to be done
But to bury it deep

My skills are well oiled
From years of practice
I dip my magic brush
Into the wet hole
Of inspiration
As I begin
This new day
In stillness 
I sway

Begin again
Fresh start
New promise
Without doubt

Note:  I have been working on a piece for two weeks now, at least eight hours a day...
I am writing this to remind myself that not every piece I start will grow up to be a "successful citizen of the world of art."  And in each piece there were lessons I needed to learn and hopefully I will take these to the next piece.  As in life, there are lessons, and the universe does not care if you learn them, for they will come around again, you will get another chance.

Prompt: inky, wet, close, hole, sparks, feathery
shoots, scarlet, doubt, sway, oiled, lost