Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014 Writer's Digest #248

Prompt:  a weird poem

                           The Dream 1910
Henri Rousseau

A Memory of a Better Time
A blue-eyed jaguar
At the forest’s edge
A warm wind
Carried the scent
Whispered secrets
From long ago
She heard
Their cries

She was dressed
In lace trimmed
White cotton dress
Followed the
Winding path
Through the forest
The soft ground
Swallowed the
Sounds of her steps

She knew
Life was better then
Her people
Had fallen
From grace
The transition
Had happened

Note:  A found poem from Barbara Kingsolver’s, Small Wonder, Essays. 


ds said...

Beautiful, Annell. I love "found" poems, but would never have guessed this to be one until I read your note (also adore that particular book by Kingsolver--but I do love most of her books). Happy healthy productive 2014 to you!

Brian Miller said...

i think over time we have drifted further and further....i think then we had a deeper connection with everything or at least a greater understanding of it....

Shaista said...

I love found poems, even when they are imaginary conceits of the author - my favourite selection is a book of poems about an imagined relationship between Georgia O'Keefe and an artist called Emily Carr. Inward to the Bones is the name of the book - I think you'd love it...
Happy New Year! Xxx

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous imagery wonderful choice Annell =)