Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11, 2014 Sunday Whirl/deVerse/Poetry Pantry #184

illuminates, impact, remote, scenes, storm, one,
haunt, litter, need, pool, lifeless, price

Climate Change in New Mexico
The storm
Is remembered
Longed for
Too many days of
Leaves me wistful
For clouds of grey

A change
In the weather
In this remote
Far side 
Of the world
It is to be trapped
In a pool of resin

The drought
All living things
Except the 
Barn cat
She doesn't 
Seem to notice
Welcomes her 
New Litter
Pays no attention
To the weather report

For sale signs
The landscape
Dust blown
Scenes are bleak

Ranchers are
Haunted by
Thoughts of rain
Wells dry
Moisture needed
Livestock sold
Pastures lifeless
Prices down

The need to hold on
Drives the farmers
Illuminates the
Road ahead
Yet there are
No clear answers

deVerse  Prompt:  Out the Window

The View to the East

I look out the window
Four large panels
Facing east
The mountains
Hidden in mist

The sun shining
Shadows stretch
Across the court
The bird feeder empty

You blow icy breath
As you step into the shed
Run your motorcycle
Keep it working
In winter

Long stringy
White clouds
Across the
New Mexico
Blue Canopy

The first
Month of
The year
Warmer than

I look out again
You have turned
Off the motor
Shut the door
Returned inside
To wait for spring

            Jan 11, 2014


mindlovemisery said...

Great words for the Sunday Whirl and you've done a marvelous job, vivid picture seamless use of the words, beautiful

ds said...

Yes, farmers are driven folk…you capture the spirit so well here…even the indifference of the barn cat (so true!), and the picture you paint is photographic in detail. Thank you.

Claudia said...

with the climate change i wonder what awaits us... we had almost no winter over here...loads and loads of rain...
the waiting inside for spring made me smile.... i'm not yet ready for spring...i yearn for snow...smiles

Brian Miller said...

oh i bet...the cat made me laugh, mine does care much either just sleeps, only when it goes out does it need to worry gives a shiver and heads on mountains are pretty hidden today as well...yeah, i imagine the motorcycle keeps them dreaming but spring will be much better for a ride....smiles.

Gabriella said...

I guess we are all waiting for spring one way or another!

alan1704 said...

white clouds - the sky full of drifting images on there way to other place. I like how this feels and where it goes.

Laurie Kolp said...

yes, animals are oblivious to the economy and such things... and the weather sounds spot on

Grace said...

Well I am waiting for spring but where I am, I may have to wait like 4 more months ~

kaykuala said...

All have set their sights on spring. Though the weather report may not be consistently 'friendly' still the anticipation is worth waiting. Wonderful duo annell!


Björn said...

Love the details of keeping the motorcycle in shape.. The dreams of things to come... Still so far away here in Sweden with spring so we have to accept the coldness... But I could do with light returning.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Sometimes I envy barn cats (even though I'm not a cat person), simply because it takes so little for them to be content!

A Singular Whirl

Jules said...

For the Wordle:
I was close by but not close enough in December. Was in AZ - but I thought of you on the flight out and back (home). Too many places that have drought - I wish I could send you some of our rain...
For: The View to the East:
We have some friends who are safe keeping a car that is not theirs. A sporty little job that needs to be run once a week, have it's oil changed etc... and be protected. So I can related to this piece. I've had a ride or two in that little sporty number... Thanks for your visits.

Marianne said...

I have always admired the farmer; to be always at the mercy of fickle Mother Nature is a hard life, indeed. Nice write!

Robyn Greenhouse said...

Something to envy of the barn cat -wonder what it would be like to be unaffected by the weather.

Ginny Brannan said...

It is so nice to read a perspective as seen from the other side of the country from the northeast where I live. Such a contrast--warm and cold, wet and drought. I hope all fairs well in your neck of the woods, and that rain will find you soon!

kkkkaty said...

If climate change is so noticeable in all parts, there's no way we can predict spring or anything for that matter...I like that it's warmer than usual, but that means probably colder than usual someplace else...I'll have to try the Sunday Swirl...nice job.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

very nice. I especially liked the first poem. I could really place myself there even though I am in New England where it is cold and wet and grey.

Ronald Shields said...

Climate change and drought are at the forefront of our thoughts these days, yet we must keep living our lives...taking care of motorcycles and kittens.

Loredana Donovan said...

Lovely imagery in your poetry. New Mexico sounds beautiful, despite the drought and unusually warm weather. Enjoyed both poems :)

Brian Miller said...

happy sunday annell...smiles....

Mary said...

Nice work, Annell!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Both portraits of your landscape are beautiful, Annell. I am especially struck by the first which portrays a bleakness you have captured very well.

Mystic_Mom said...

Your first poem struck a chord in the farmer's wife and ranch girl. And your second view out the window was so well done! Love your way with words. Thanks for joining us at the Pub.

in-the-aftermath said...

Both poems are well worth the read Annell. Love the descriptions in the first, especially because they contrast so vividly with the other poems I have read today. Yet that complete contrast still works the same hardships and misfortunes. Like the second piece because it details your world which contrasts with my own and therefore intrigues me. Thank you, my friend,


Jane Shoenfeld's Art Adventures in the SW said...

wonderful images Annell, thank you for sending this, it is a good way to go, if I understand what you are doing, to use these prompts Otherwise
It is to be trapped
In a pool of resin
Motionless I love those lines......otherwise, is to be, resin, motionless, the sounds, the sounds as well as the images!

pandamoniumcat said...

Drought is painful to so many... it's scary times ahead with the climate change predictions. Oh to be a barn cat hey! Beautifully descriptive pieces.

flaubert said...

Annell, the wordle is bleak and rings true of the state of the economy in the states. Well done.


miss pie said...

love the cycle of life.... the mountains hardly move...the long wide open spaces a place for the wind to take refuge.... we are simply pilgrims... love the simplicity of words describing a place a time a moment...