Friday, January 17, 2014

January 17, 2014 Imaginary Garden with Real Toads  Prompt:   I want you to think of someone you have met on a special trip to your special place and write about them. 

Magic Moment
Many years
And many
Lives ago
A poet
Read her
One night
Outdoor setting
Far from home
Deep into
My soul
My heart
Tears released
For all that was
And will ever be
She remains
In my heart

Note:  Today I call her my friend, Ase Faustad, a writer and painter from Norway.


  1. It is a powerful thing to be touched by a stranger's world view. I'm glad you now call her friend.

  2. to be touched by someone in a special way is what makes life long friends...and is one of those special things that life can bring...

  3. It's an incredible moment when we're touched by another be it art, poetry, something they say or do.

  4. This is often what happens here in the blogging world, isnt it, Annell, where our words connect us with each other and we form friendships that are often closer than the ones we make in real life? Because we share the depths of our souls - sometimes - and sometimes just our laughter at the general hilarity of life. A beautiful poem and I imagine Ase was moved at how her words touched you.

  5. This tells just enough to enable the reader to intuit the rest and really be there with you, in this fine memory.

  6. What a beautiful memory. Reading all the Toads today speak of people they've met at some point in life and had to say goodbye to at an intersection, it made me think of the so many people that are somehow, as Marian said nicely, stranged to me.

    Lovely poem.

    Take care and keep smiling. <3

  7. Hi Annell ~~ We have a special place for some of the people we've been associated with. I could probably name those I hold. Still there is ample room for Mrs. Jim. But I still think of those who, like the Willie Nelson says, "came through my front door."

  8. The horse that eat wood remind me of a sheep owned by the neighbors which ate everything, including trees!

  9. The beauty of the lasting impact of a poet...whoever she was she has inspired you to create your own poetry it seems