Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5, 2014 Sunday Wordle #142/Poets Pantry #183


Traces of a Life
Afternoon sky 
A dark blue
The color
Of the Jay
At the feeder
Weather report
Expect snow
First of the 
New Year

As sun disappears
On the horizon
The whole world
Becomes scarlet
I am struck 
It appears
Like the end
Of the World
Caressed by

In the beginning
Of a new year
The traveler might
Expect everything
To be changed
But in truth
What is behind
Gives clues
To what is ahead

There are bits
Of life to be
Saved in memory 
Wrapped in
A tiny pair
Of baby shoes
A golden ring
A snip of
Your hair
A silver cup
A folded picture
Bent and tattered
A dried flower
Put away
In a drawer
In the heart

Poets Pantry #183

In the morning
Before daybreak
Slowly the world
Takes form
The mountains across
The valley
Black against
Against cool
Soft blue

All is quiet with
Still surrounded
By darkness
Another day
Another chance
On the wheel
No promises made
No compromises


aspiritofsimplicity said...

lovely writing. I especially love the last verse.

Jae Rose said...

The traces of life seem to be broken down into a beautiful essence..each part essential and something to be treasured..all the colours..smells..flakes of snow are so delicately captured..

Robyn Greenhouse said...

Your last stanza - so sweet! I imagine that picture being taken out, held with loving hands to be looked at over and over until it is bent, tattered and put away for another day.

Laurie Kolp said...

So much to love about this... such wisdom in stanza 3.

Brian Miller said...

true in that what is past will allow us to see what is coming...our history repeats for sure unless we change the patterns....and i def have a few of those treasures like you ref in the last bit...

Anonymous said...

Very moving and beautiful Annell =)

Sabra Bowers said...

Love your poem, particularly verse three.

brenda w said...

I love the wisdom in this poem, Annell. We do learn from the past, and life keeps growing. Beautiful writing.

Kim Nelson said...

I read the second poem, closed my eyes to see the scene, then read it again. I love the last few lines. In essence, it is all up to us.
So good to read you again, Annell, after my long absence from these places.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So evocative, Annell, the memories we keep tucked away, and treasured. That baby shoe, the wedding ring.......and, in the second, the beauty of your natural setting, surrounding you, no matter what, in peace. Lovely.

oldegg said...

This is so beautiful and I suppose it is because such memories were also preserved in our family. Clinging to the past, the beautiful memories that mind's time erodes but are triggers to recall such happiness.

nan said...

each line reads
like an inhalation
or exhalation
of life's beauty.

Mary said...

These are both beautifully penned, Annell!

Anonymous said...

Time passes but beauty is there for that one who looks with loving care. That would be you, my friend. Thank you for sharing all of it,


flaubert said...

Love the whole poem, but the last stanza is spectacular.


Misky said...


kkkkaty said...

Lovely, Annell,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poems, Annell!