Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1, 2014 The Sunday Whirl/deVerse/Poets Pantry #187

The Sunday Whirl  Prompt:  balance, edge, alternate, former, open, others,
sense, potential, tiptoed, synergy, bucolic, miss

Monumental Moment
(It happens in each life)
It’s not something
You want to miss
A line is drawn
A bell tolls
Your bucolic life
Is over
You walk the
Worn deep
By the footsteps
Of others

Have tiptoed
To this point
On the edge
No sense
Of what is to

That happened
In your former
Will have
No meaning
It will be
Difficult to

You were made
For this moment
You will reach
Your potential
The synergy
Of past and
Will come
To open
New doors
New possibilities

deVerse  Prompt:  Repeatition

Love Again
The old time
Record player
The needle
To a scratch

The word is




It ceases to
Have meaning
A person
Was required
To move the

February 2


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Annell, you wrote this poem just for me. Yes!!!!! Oh that goat - how well I know the trickiness of keeping one's balance on a rocky cliff. I so resonate with "you were made for this moment". Uplifting and inspiring!

Jae Rose said...

And me too! the image and words make perfect sense..almost inseparable but not referred those mountains look easier x

Laurie Kolp said...

Nice... I especially like the final stanza.

Robyn Greenhouse said...

I love this idea of the past and present coming together! All the pain and joys for a purpose!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Do you suppose some people really do miss those monumental moments in life?

Bright Edge of Morning

Björn said...

The balancing act ... of finding the future.. and that repetitions like a broken record. both really nice read.

kaykuala said...

A person
Was required
To move the

Certainly! Love cannot exist in a vacuum. Someone or something must make it move for it to blossom. Wonderful write annell!


Jules said...

While in AZ last December we saw wild goat on volcanic cliffs...not quite as what you've depicted. That's just amazing. Sometimes thought we alter our balance from in reverse. I am enjoying some time now creating my own paths. :)

Thanks for stopping by ~Jules

Brian Miller said...

dang...effective repetition...if said too much and there is no feeling behind it or it loses its feeling...ouch...nice use of the record....and so hard to move that needle wanting to hold onto what maybe once was....

finding-the-god-sequence said...

Love both of them Annell. That individual who is made in and for that moment, must also accept that he/she made that moment by the placing of those careful steps made one at a time. And must not forget that it is love, in all its various forms that made it all possible. Your two pieces fit together like a couple of dancers taking to the dance floor, hand in hand. Wonderful performance, my friend,


brenda w said...

Your wordle is inspiring. It reads like an affirmation. It's quite a contrast to the second piece. I like Elizabeth's comment of the pieces moving together like two dancers.

Mary said...

Nice poems for both prompts. I remember those old records. So difficult when it got stuck in the groove, and you had to move it by hand. Sometimes life is like that too, I think. We get stuck, cannot move ourselves from particular groove.

rudyan said...

Love both these poems, maybe especially the first one resonates with me at this point in my life - great use of the wordle words!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Back for another read. Every time I see the goats, my fingers and toes curl, and I feel very tired! Poor goats! I really enjoyed the second poem about the stuck needle! I remember how often that happened Back in the Day!!!!

Vandana Sharma said...

we just have to keep moving i guess

flaubert said...

Love both poems, Annell. Both are subjects I can relate to at moment on certain levels.

Pamela ox