Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 15, 2014 deVerse/ Valentine's Day

deVerse  Prompt:  Coming off the sugar high

Valentine’s Day
A day well spent
All so commercial
Candy, flowers, pajamas
And Teddy Bears
Should I feel unloved
Without a great big heart
Or should I examine
My own
Explore my motives
Did I give to get
Or is my heart full
Because I gave freely


Björn said...

The commercial part of Valentine can be a little bit sugary for my taste... but if we don't get that heart-shaped box of candy... something has to be wrong... hmm maybe I never gave any..

My entry

Claudia said... my heart full cause i gave freely...i love this... and certainly it will bless us if we give.. valentine's day is something that just swapped over to germany during the last few years and now it's getting a big commercial thing as well... i have mixed emotions - ha

hanna said...

mesmerizing patterns on your other page. I wonder what you are filling in on the image to the right of the post.

Interesting introspection on the Valentine phenomenon that has mushroomed so lately.

Brian Miller said...

its a good question there in the end
to understand our own motives in why we give
appropo...there is a freedom in that
i am just not sure how to maintain it.

Mary said...

It is definitely a good feeling to know one has given freely!

Gabriella said...

I think that most holidays are definitely too sugary! But there are also some positive thoughts so I choose to focus on those.

Mystic_Mom said...

Yes! Yes! That. Self examination. Well done, I love your close on this piece. Cool. Thanks for joining in.

kaykuala said...

Give as much, certainly is better! Nothing like giving when abundance drops back in return. Nicely annell!


Abhra said...

Very right and sensible afterthought of valentines day. Nice.

Ginny Brannan said...

"Did I give to get
Or is my heart full
Because I gave freely"
Self-examination can be a double-edged sword. Am sure there are times we have all asked this question. Indeed profound.

Anonymous said...

Commercialism has no place in love! :)

Anonymous said...

I like how introspective you are with this subject. Lovely questions here that many people ought to consider on a daily basis. :)