Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2024 We Write Poems/ The Way of the Poet

We Write Poems Wordle #8

The Way of the Poet
The chandelier sparkles
Dance with wings
The color jade
I believe
The journey
Never ends
The sun comes up
Scattered beginning
The day may prove
The path difficult
Maybe a tornado
Or two
Or twenty
Or one thousand
There will be mysteries
You will sit by the road
Hummingbirds quarrel
A balancing act
It will all be over
In the blink of a whirlwind
Still the quest never ends


Anonymous said...

I know much about sitting by the roadside scribbling and you are so correct, it is over in the blink of a whirlwind and still we continue. Perhaps that is the only road to sanity?


M.Z said...

Nice poem, and its true that the quest never ends for a poet!

humbird said...

'I believe
The journey
Never ends' ~ I adore the phrase. No matter what challenges life offers ~ 'Still the quest never ends' ~ Very uplifting!

Brian Miller said...

its a process...and i never want to get to that point of feeling i have arrived...because then you stagnate...grow/change/shake it up....

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

The way of the poet indeed. I hear you about the tornadoes. There are times I feel like I'm holding on to the tail of a dragon and it's dragging me along. Very nice.