Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 6, 2014 We Write Poems/ Poems of the Heart

We Write Poems  Prompt:  199 about poems about you

Poems of the Heart
    I like
Poems that open doors
Poems that say things in a
    Different way
Poems that look under rocks
Poems that skip in the sunshine
Poems that are willing to walk in the rain
Poems that take the long view
Poems that look up close
Poems that help me to see in a new way
Poems that help me to see what
    I haven’t seen before
Poems that create
    A new world
    A new perspective
    A personal point of view
        The more personal the poem
        The more Universal
Poems that say the whole world
    Even if corrupt is OK
Poems that speaks to my

Fragments G&C  #170 30"x30"  gouache on w/c paper

Fragments G&C #171  30"x30"  gouache on w/c paper


Jae Rose said...

What a perfect poem..the more personal the more universal..hadn't even thought of that! But so true..that's why they speak to us I suppose x

Jules said...

I liked the same line as Jae Rose - that is a real stand out...
"the more personal the more universal"

I played with this prompt here:

georgeplaceblog said...

Bravo - wonderful - I agree

Atreyee said...

"The more personal the poem
The more Universal"
So true,loved this:-)

miskmask said...

I love the repetition in this poem. It's just wonderful and vivid.

Hannah said...

Wow, Annell, your work poetic and artistic are amazing.

"The more personal the poem
The more Universal"

Yes, this resonated with my heart and the part about looking under a rock...

Inspired and beautiful! :) Thank you.

Brian Miller said...

i def like poems that dig in and get personal...
and say things in new ways, for sure...

those pics remind me of those hidden pictures that you stare at...smiles.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

My heart expanded as I read your words - this is what I so love about poems - the ones that speak right to my heart. Wonderful, my friend!

Claudia said...

yep...poems that do that are reason that i love poetry so much.... and i'm stunned about your paintings... such precise work... just awesome

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

"The more personal the poem/The more Universal". And that is true...underneath the skin we are all human, after all. Perhaps it is reaching into our own personal hearts and looking at the essence of us and our experiences that we understand the basic humanity of what we are -- love, rejection, pain, anger, fear, the whole spectrum.


neil reid said...

OK, the old fashioned way for a comment here.

list poems, you got me right there. and me too, looking for poems under rocks. poem actually kind of has the same feel as your physical art. all good and thanks. neil