Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12, 2014 Poets United/ Foresight

Fragments G&C  #174  30"x30"  gouache on w/c paper
We don’t always have
Foresight about
The outcome
Of our actions

As an artist
I ask myself
What is my goal
What am I doing
What do I want to do

First I think of myself
As a problem solver
I think of the problem
Then determine how to do it
Upon completion
I evaluate what I have done
Is it what I want
Does it say what I want
What changes can I make

My goal then is to share it
The wonder
The joy


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yes, the wonder and the joy. I love this Annell. The creative life is a good life!

Susan said...

It would seem that, with such a logical process, the outcome would also be logical--but if it were, it might leave out the artist. And that is how--most logically--having little foresight gets to wonder and joy! Thanks for weighing in on foresight.

Brian Miller said...

i think if we can have that process to our decisions...knowing our values...knowing our goals and keep them in front of us...we def can make better decisions....

kaykuala said...

Thanks for sharing annell. Normally the case! The title comes only upon completion of the painting especially in abstracts! Great!


annell said...

Sometimes I feel frustrated, but have decided it is when I am out of balance. And isn't it all about the Wonder and the JOY!

annell said...

I am thinking....putting too much energy into a part of the process.....forgetting about the wonder and the joy.

humbird said...

Yes, 'the wonder, the joy I share' ~ this is what important! Goal - just to know what the destination, but how you do it - creative process of your soul....

Sumana Roy said...

like the thought process at the end of which there's joy...

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Such an apparently matter-of-fact poem, with such depths. I love the way you have built it bit by bit, as it might be one of your visual artworks - and then the last verse is like looking at the artwork whole. The one you have chosen to go with this poem certainly emanates joy!

Aditi said...

I love how this flows...logically. But in the end all that matters for an artist is the joy and love they spread through their creations! Lovely!

Jake Patrick said...

Fragments G&C #174 is stunning. So playful and inviting. Thank you so much. Cheers from Los Angeles.