Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 16, 2014 The Sunday Whirl/ Sunday Morning March 16, 2014/Poetry Pantry #193

plop, wicker, green, bottle, city, strips, small
apple, dust, tower, slack, squeeze, fuss

Sunday Morning, March 16, 2014
The day’s beginning
Still dark
The moon
Shines brightly
Lighting my way
To the studio
The sun still sleeping
Behind Taos Mountain
I left the wicker
Behind in the city
Where I was born

Without fuss
Came to this
Little New Mexico
Town, city of dust
Plopped myself down
And here I stay
No green as far
As I can see
Strips of paper
Filled with prayers
Hang slack
From the sage
Quietly waiting
For the winds
Of April

The ant towers
Remain like
Abandoned cities
Do ants hibernate
Like bears
Sleep away the
Winter months
Trapped inside
Like small boats
In a bottle
Hard to know
What goes on


In Between
I have discovered
It is not the ‘thing’
But what is in between
The transition
How we get from
Here to there
The bridge
To nowhere
Nothing you can hold
In your hand
Can’t even see it
Yet ...
It supports
The  ‘thing’
The ‘what' of it all
Which is not
Without what is
In between


Laurie Kolp said...

So vivid and thought-provoking. I always wonder, too, about the ants (although I'm just fine without them). I really like:

Strips of paper
Filled with prayers

Jae Rose said...

I think like you they work away making beautiful shapes and textures out of the earth..I enjoyed this time in the studio with you..seems like a fine place to be planted x

kaykuala said...

They are highly organized down there, each with their own thing! Nicely annell!


Brian Miller said...

its interesting to ponder the ant...they move a grain at a time and build sons science fair project was an ant is rather fascinating to watch them....

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

It may be hard to know what goes on underground, but you seem to have imagined those goings-on quite vividly. Enchanting!

Apples from Paradise

flaubert said...

What lovely and scenic poem, Annell. Well done.

Pamela ox

Cathy said...

Strips of paper
Filled with prayers
Hang slack
From the sage
Quietly waiting
For the winds
Of April

Hope the prayers get answered.

And what does goes on underground. Very thought provoking poem

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the peaceful morning of your first poem - I always love when you write about your landscape and Taos Mountain. Love the ponderings in the second poem - "the 'what' of it all".

Anonymous said...

Thank you again. There is something so peaceful and satisfying in your "studio poems." You in the place you created for you. About the second poem...I started smiling as soon as I started reading it. When people used to ask me where I lived, I'd grin and say, "I live in those in-between places." I still do...


Mama Zen said...


scotthastiepoet said...

Lovely and meaningful sensitivity sustained throughout this piece - I enjoyed it very much... With Best Wishes Scott

R.K. Garon said...


Anonymous said...

How we get from here to there...that's an interesting subject to me too.

Sumana Roy said...

It's amazing how same words inspire such wonderfully varied creations...and I think it's quite natural that such disciplined beings as ants should draw an artist's attention...a beautiful poem.. Annel...

humbird said...

Resonate...the period of transition...when you left one bay but don't see yet what is ahead...waiting for April too...vibrant images ~ thanks