Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 We Write Poems #11/That Spring

That Spring
That spring in your
Garage apartment
My house had sold
I was alone

The frogs were leaping
In the little pond in
The back yard
Or during the day
Cuddled under the shade
We would sunbath
Lying on the wicker
You asked if
I minded if you
Didn’t wear a suit

We were alive
Southern bells ringing
The air was thick
And hot and it wasn’t
Even summer yet

I had pulled up
The old roots
Left my old life
Soon I would be
Headed West
You would soon leave
Our bones ached
To be on the move

The sprinklers kept
The yard wet
The pond an oasis
For all the frogs
In Harris County
At night their loud calls
A cacophony of sound
Made sleep impossible
I shifted position
On the damp bed sheets

The sound of the 
Air conditioner's motor 
Combined with their calls
A noisy night in the
The frogs never whispered
Only yelled at the top
Of their lungs
After all they
Had no cellphones
And they were calling
All possible mates
On the planet

The hot wind
Moved the banana leaves
A gentle rustle
In the night
On another night
At a local bar 
We ate crawfish
You loved them
Could eat more 
Than anyone

Time stood still
Another place
Another time
Little piece of
Buried in my memory
Gentle transition
Long hours stare into space
Wait for answers
Scribble notes to myself

Time has passed...20 years
I’m OK...hope you are too

Process notes:  I only stayed a few months.  After I left, I heard the woman left her husband, returned to Europe.  I haven’t heard about her in years, I hope she found what she was looking for.


kaykuala said...

Pretty long time not in touch can be tough! Hopefully she is happily settled there. Very exhaustive take and brilliantly written annell!


Brian Miller said...

interesting memory..capturing a moment in time...a time of freedom...its cool you still think of them and wonder at them as well...i hope they are fine too...smiles.

Suz said... put me there............some things just linger
loved this

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful memory, captured well.

humbird said...

Enjoyed the story...funny description of frogs with no cellphones...:)

Roslyn Ross said...

Walking through time - nice.

Anonymous said...

This is quite simply gorgeous. I so enjoyed reading it. Thank you, Annell.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, you took me right there - I could feel the heat and hear the frogs....a time of transition........very evocative writing, my friend. Loved it.