Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 27, 2014 Sunday Whirl/ You/ Writers Digest/http://1sojournal NAPOWRIMO/Dragons I've Known

You say the doctors said cancer
You speak under your breath
You were the one the only
You made your reputation
You were a cheat
You prepare to leave
You will be released
You will become a memory
You say if you had only known
You would have been different
You are as you are


Written for Elizabeth's Prompt NAPOWRIMO

Dragons I’ve Known
Dragons come in many colors
Fly through the air with the greatest of ease
Are not to be compared
For one is lucky to have a dragon in his life
They are strong and loyal friends.... or enemies
It is best if they are on your side
They appear unexpected
Often they spend their time hiding
Locked away
Don’t get out much
They can conquer all soul challenges
Even when you know them intimately
They are hard to define


Laurie Kolp said...


brenda w said...

The Whirl piece is screaming tight. I love it, Annell. We are what we do. Thanks for your dragon piece, as I ponder dragons as possibly beneficent.

Anonymous said...

Good to see and know that you are back. I'm with Brenda, the first poem is tight and tied down with truth. And I also like your take on dragons.


flaubert said...

No-one deserves Cancer, Annell. After watching Michael, I would't wish that demise on my worst enemy. Powerful piece.


Danny Waise said...

I like the way you did this like a list, the last line is brilliant, you are as you are.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Two fantastic poems. Love the closing line of the first: you are as you are, and the friendly dragon in the second.

humbird said...

Powerful first poem, and very nice the second from world of dragons, love it!

oldegg said...

I don't think that you make the cancer but the cancer makes you. Every challenge you face brings out the real you.

Jae Rose said...

Two beautiful poems full of fire of different kinds..I think people are as they are either because of or in spite of what might be happening physically,..I think there is still find the dragon and something warm inside xo