Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8, 2014 Writer's Digest/Early Morning/NAPoWriMo/ Something Lost/ Garden of Real Toads/ Some Tiles are Cracked

Prompt: A violent poem or a peaceful poem

Early Morning                         
I imagine
A peaceful scene
All is quiet
The world is still
Most men and animals sleeping
The sun has not risen
The clock ticks
Quietly in the hall
The world is in
A state of expectation
Of the coming day

My rash burns brightly
Has driven me from my bed
Desperately I look
For the ointment
That will relieve the itch
So it is with poison ivy
In the spring or any other season
It grows in abundance
Around my house
If you ignore it
You can get into it by mistake
If you try to get rid of it

It will get you for sure


Posted on April 7, 2014
New Wordle List:  meaning, hurl, listener, rattle, pluck, taut, clenched, music, tender, unique
Something Lost
Each life unique
Each breath gives meaning
Tender be the night
I the listener of your song
Try to remember
When I saw it last
And where I put it
But no matter how hard I try
It’s resting place remains
Unknown to me


Imaginary Garden of Real Toads  Prompt:  Write about your home.

 Some Tiles are Cracked
About my dwelling
It serves me well
We’ve build
A nest around us
A perfect fit
No baggy trousers here
No room to spare
It holds our love
Gathers heat from the sun
Made of adobe
Made of mud
Sits atop the mesa
The wind blows down
From mountain top
A little worn
Around the edges
Just like us
A place of rest
A place of peace
A place of creativity
No need to leave
A place I like to be


Kerridwen said...

I've never had trouble with poison ivy, thankfully, but I know the feel of itchy/stinging plants.. We had plenty of stinging nettles in the fields surrounding my home as a kid, and once I fell in a patch.. Luckily vinegar works well! ;)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love all of these, Annell, but most especially the third, the snug home you have built around you on the mesa with the wind blowing down off the mountains. Sigh. So lovely and tranquil.....made me so peaceful just reading it.

Sumana Roy said...

exactly how homes should be...beautiful...

Hannah said...

This sounds so perfect and imperfect...I love that you zoom in to your special home...it makes the house feel small but you explode a huge love within. Lovely Annell!!

Margaret said...

"Sits atop the mesa
The wind blows down
From mountain top"

just the image is pure poetry!

Susie Clevenger said...

The morning must face poison ivy...love it. "We’ve build a nest around us" beautiful. Each poem is fantastic!

Jules said...

Safe travels...I come to you through your comment post at Elizabeth's.

Your piece there with the 'new' list... I see that often here. Where city, country and suburbs merge.

Happy writing for this month and always. Cheers, Jules

Helen said...

Dear Annell,

You have described your home and where it rests in NM perfectly.