Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014 Writers Digest/ Get Real/NAPOWRIMO/ The Secret of the Desert

Get Real
To get real is to get small
Up close personal
Find the difference
This cannot be done
From a distance
Perhaps that is why we think
Of old people as being very real
Their lives become small
Perhaps they are more in the present
Not so much future left
And way too much past
How I like my oatmeal
Becomes the most important
Consideration of the day
Getting from one moment
To the next
Seeing things as they really are
Drop the pretenses
Being who I really am
Hard to know what is really real
What happens before or behind
The stage or on it
In the dream or
In the waking hours
Perhaps it is all real
Rolled up in a magic ball


The Secret of the Desert

After the wind and rain
Filled with threats
To blow my house down
Just like the wolf in
Little Red Riding Hood
Huffing and puffing
Slamming against the walls

In early morning
The sweet scent of sage
Carried on the soft breeze
Perfume of the desert
I stand mesmerized
I am not alone
Surrounded by pink and blue
Like the inside of an
Abalone shell
The secret revealed


Anonymous said...

Really like the wisdom and truth in both of these pieces Annell. Love the way you paint the reality of age in the first one, and the beauty you see in the second.


Brian Miller said...

what is real...well you are right we will never know
when we stay at a distance....

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love and totally relate to the first poem and really love the second - glad you weathered the storm and that the scent of sage greeted you next morning.