Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 19, 2014 dVerse/ No, No, No

Say it isn’t so

You are too young to go

No, no, no
Time has run out

No, no, no
Our destiny is clear

No, no, no
The heart breaks in two

No, no, no
If I could change your fate

No, no, no
Write a new script

No, no, no
If only it wasn’t so

No, no, no
Death is final

No, no, no
No place for me to go

No, no, no
No place to hide

No, no, no
Words from my heart
Make no difference now

June 19, 2014


Brian Miller said...

ah but they do...they release a bit of what you are feeling inside...another heartfelt bit of the pain you are facing annell...hugs...

Claudia said...

it is tough to be confronted with such a message and the words from the heart hopefully make a difference for those that suffer with you... i wish we could write a new script and start anew...

Mary said...

Very sad, Annell. Loss is so difficult, especially when it it is someone so young. Your journey is not an easy one.

Glenn Buttkus said...

Odd how our two poems, coming from vastly different directions, still resonate with each other; one the great things about running with the dVerse dogs. A very touching take on the prompt.

Gabriella said...

The repetition in your poem highlights the pain and the longing for another scenario, another destiny.

Anonymous said...

Expressing your pain in this way is a very brave thing to do. It does help (I know this to be true), and your words do make a difference. They do. Wishing you all the best.

Anthony Desmond said...

repetition is very powerful here... you're heart's words definitely mean something and make a difference

Sumana Roy said...

the truth suddenly releases all that more anxiety to be suffered...such poignant lines...

erin said...

annell, i watch you, witness your pain, and have little of value i might say, so i hold you instead)))


Björn Rudberg said...

The pain in the repeated no really bring the pain through in a most powerful way.. wonderful poem..