Friday, June 20, 2014

June 20, 2014/ Imaginary Garden with Real Toads-- A Distant Land at Home

A Distant Land at Home
We sip our tea
Walk the dusty path
Follow the monks
Remember those
Who came before
Built the railroad
Did the hard work
Many died
Became Americans
Over time
Part of the melting pot
America would not be
The country that she is
Without the ancestors
Who created a country
Out of the wilderness

June 20, 2014

Chat Upon the Blue Couch
I did write something today
From the deepest regions of my heart
I sit by your bedside blue
Remembering you
As you were when you were small

Blue eyed
Boy of mine
Born of my heart

Yes there was more than
One tear shed
In your absence
Where you were unknown

My heart
Scalded and burned
Left scars by the road
For others to find

Today I am lost in your childhood
Memories abound
Nothing replaces a child
Not lovers or clowns
You were missing
My heart broken

I dreamed of you
Worried and wondered
Where you were

With curse words or whispers
Longed for your return
Years passed
In time you did return

You were my baby boy
Prodigal son
I did write something today
About a Mother’s love unending
Object of my heart

           May 31, 2014

Note:  When I was at the hospital with my son, I had Laurie Kolp's new book, On the Blue Couch.  I began to have a conversation with Laurie.


CreativeLF said...

You say it so gracefully here. Much more absorbable then how I fight the urge to scream some approximate of "do you know who built the damn Ivory Tower" :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

The first is so beautiful and meditative. I can envision the monks, their red robes....thanking the ancestors for building this land in such hardship.......and your second goes straight to the heart - thinking of that bright eyed baby, his journey as an adult, and then his loss. Mothers' hearts are born to break, it seems, Annell. I wish they didnt have to.

Gillena Cox said...

this is tear jerking ; tears of remembering, tears of loving, tears of thankfullness Have a nice Friday

much love...

Arushi Ahuja said...

"About a Mother’s love unending" loved this part... mothers are Gods metaphor of Love!! :)

Hannah said...

I like the visual of the dusty path and the line of monks plodding forward. Thank you for your creative addition to the challenge today!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Good to contemplate the contribution the Chinese people have made to your country. This is a fine tribute.

Laurie Kolp said...

I am deeply touched by this, Annell. Your words are a beautiful honor. Thank you.